If you’ve hung around the high-tech space over the past few years, you’ve probably come across the term guild at least a few times. These days, most companies that have grown past the few-developers-in-a-garage phase establish (and pride themselves on) a guild.

At Gong, we’re proud to have a guild, too.

As a front-end developer at Gong, in this post, I’ll focus specifically on our front-end guild, but many of the things I share here can also be applied to guilds for back-end developers, mobile, DevOps, and more.

This post will shed some light on why to start a guild…

Finally, we got to the last post explaining about the future that’s coming for RN architecture.

We discussed the current structure until now and it is time to talk about the stuff that was not the perfect choice, looking backward as React team leader on Facebook at this time mentioned in her blog post

Some of the main disadvantages of the structure of the current architecture are =>

  • There are two realms: JS and Native which are not really aware of each other and do not share the same memory
  • The communication is async through the bridge between the two…

In the previous post, I explained the way the bridge lets JS thread communicate with the Native thread and vice-versa.

In this post, I am going to break the process of opening the React Native app from the moment you click on the app icon to the moment the app opens to small parts and explain each relevant term inside it.

Let’s go!

In order to understand how RN creates the views in the background, I will need to explain to you some fundamental terms.

  1. UIManager — Responsible on the native side. This is the main thread where the iOS/Android…

In the last couple of years, React Native became one of the most popular platforms for mobile apps development. It filled some of the gaps that some developers had while asking themselves: Should I develop a mobile app using native languages or a hybrid app using web development knowledge(JS, Html, CSS using Cordova or Ionic for example)?

Using RN requires a knowledge of web technologies like the above and also React experience since it’s mostly based on it and its mechanism. So with a little bit more effort than using libraries like Cordova and a lot less effort than writing…

For a long time I wanted to create a React lecture but could never find the right time and courage for that.

When I almost started I said to myself : “Who do you think you are? You are not ready yet dude..”

But Luckily , I told some people about it some spontaneous calls and meetings and some of them gave me some great tips and made me feel I can do it.

Feeling you can is not enough , but you also need your first early adopter for presenting the lecture and get valuable feedbacks.

Two months ago…

Wow it’s been half a year since I started to be a freelancer and it feels like a few years at least.

Although in terms of time sounded short but I did quite a bit mainly by exaggerating hours and working days and inability to say no! To things in my way and interest me.

I’ve already worked with 7 clients on a variety of projects (mobile apps, websites, bots, consulting …) and almost everyone is different from each other and the style of working with him is completely different.

Sounds good? Do not be sure ..

Being independent is…

“You can never make the same mistake twice because the second time you make it, it’s not a mistake, it’s a choice”

One of the major issues preventing us from being active is the fear of failing.
We are so afraid to find out we wasted our time, disappointed our family and friends or just chose the wrong path for ourselves.

The best way to avoid being always stuck a small step before achieving your dreams or passions is to try and fail and then..try and fail again and then…yeah..try and fail again! …

To continue my previous post about making the tough decision of leaving my startup I want to tell you about how I survived the fall.

Let me take you back, it started a couple of months before the decision.

I did not write about it in my previous post, but besides being open and hearing many opinions of smart people I really appreciate, I am part of an amazing group of 18 people participating in a long and personal mentoring program.

Each entrepreneur gets a personal mentor that has a lot of business experience.

I was very lucky to work…

One day I woke up and like any other morning, I started the walk to the innovation space I work at and bought myself coffee and something healthy to eat.

But something felt different that day, I still didn’t realize what that feeling was but I understood that my point of view on Guiderr (my startup) changed.

All the passion I went to sleep with every night and woke up with every morning, decreased significantly.

Suddenly, ideas and co-operations I worked on to take the startup forward seemed less relevant or less interesting.

Suddenly ,my partner impressed me less than…

Chen Feldman

Staff Front End Software Engineer @ http://Gong.io | Tech Public Speaker | Making Software Podcast Host @ http://ranlevi.com/software

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