The Ten Commandments of Success

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  1. Nurture And Nourish Your Body. The human body is a fascinating biological machine, and yet we take it for granted daily. Throughout the day, we expose our bodies to harmful and toxic substances. Over time, these substances can negatively impact our health, mood and cognition. Without proper awareness, our health slowly declines as we age and it becomes more difficult to complete activities we used to do when we were younger. The first step to maintaining success and performance is making sure your body is fit and healthy. We need a healthy body to maintain energy levels, think clearly, and fight off harmful germs and diseases. The person that has a strong body has a strong foundation to succeed.
  2. Develop Your Focus. If you want to cultivate mastery, you need to focus. What I mean by focus is the ability to zero in on a task and ignore all other distractions that does not help you achieve your goal. It is easier said than done. The brain is naturally a fickle organ and is programmed to seek novelty. Without proper training, it always want to be distracted, and nothing gets accomplished. The best way to train our brain is by practicing meditation. Meditative focus educate the brain to focus on either the body or the breath. When we focus on one of these things, it relaxes the body and reduces the brain’s desire to distract itself.
  3. Work Hard, Work Smart. One of the key ingredients to success is hard work. There is no escaping that fact. Unfortunately, you see plenty of people who work their asses off yet have nothing significant to show for it. These people may have worked the hardest, but they lacked one other critical factor — working smart. What working smart means is being self-aware of your own wants, needs and purpose. When we are self-aware, we can plan accordingly to what we need, and we can see how our efforts can reap rewards. Do not just work hard for no reason, make sure you are getting something that benefits you.
  4. Motivation Is Fickle, Instead Learn Discipline. When we watch a motivational YouTube video, it makes us feel good. We get pumped out and excited, but how long does that last? The feeling of being motivated is temporary and does not last. Motivation is like willpower, it is limited in resources and dependent on external circumstances. When we do not feel like doing something, if we only relied on motivation, nothing will get done. When we are on the pathway to mastery, there WILL be times where you do not want to work on your art or practice. What’s the solution? Recognize this as a necessity to success and cultivate discipline. When you learn discipline, you program your brain and body to embrace the negative feelings and channel it positively. You slowly recognize and understand that whenever your body or mind is telling you no, you know you are on the right path. Slowly, you recognize that the negative feelings of discomfort and unpleasantness are just the body’s way of communicating you are becoming better.
  5. Keep Your Ego In Check. The wisest people are the people who know they do not know. Everybody has their own unique strengths, weaknesses and individualities. We can all learn from one another. In fact, the most valuable lessons to help you grow as a person often comes from the people that you dislike the most. When we close our bodies and mind, we let our egos take over. We feel like we know everything and we do not need any help. The reality is there is always room for improvement no matter how skilled you are. The next time, you feel offended or hurt when someone criticizes you, be mindful and recognize the only reason you are hurt is because your ego is running the show. To learn and improve, we must be aware, take control of our own egos and understand it is nothing personal.
  6. Ignore The Naysayers. Success is often a lonesome journey. Whenever you achieve something significant, people see the glamour and the celebrations. However, most people rarely see the days and months of hard work in the background where there was nobody watching. When you do succeed, there will be people that are looking to bring you down because your success is a reminder of their own inadequacies and insecurities. They will protect their own ego and rationalize your behaviours negatively. As long as you are living your life true to your purpose, ignore them. Ask yourself will their opinions matter two, five, or ten years from now? If not, then keep going. Remember to be open to other people’s suggestions, but ultimately make the decision that is best for you and your purpose.
  7. Find Out Your Calling. Figure out what you are naturally good at and learn to practice mastering those skills. Everyone has natural talents. Some people are better at sports, and some are better conceptualizing theories. These natural talents are often our greatest gifts to the world if we choose to hone in and develop them. Most people choose to ignore their gifts and pursue other ventures that may not be the best pathway for them. Instead, they become mediocre or “decent” at their jobs. They do their jobs well, but it does not provide fulfillment. They feel that something is missing. The sad reality is there are certain things we do that are not our callings no matter how much we practice, we will not be passionate as another person with the natural inclination for the job. It is far more effective to be aware of what you are naturally good at and master those. Learn to use your gifts and bring forth into the world, instead of listening to the opinions of other people trying to tell you what you should do with your own life.
  8. Have Faith In Yourself. When you put in the hard work and focus, there is no reason why you should ever doubt yourself. If you do not believe in yourself, why should anyone else? In this world, the only person you can influence is yourself. Develop your skills, work hard, practice, and believe that the work you put in will be worth it. Always remember the odds are against you. There will always be people looking to bring you down. There is no need to add yourself to that list.
  9. Never Be Afraid To Lose. Losing is tough. Nobody enjoys losing. If you are a masculine guy, that is probably the last thing you want to experience. Despite the negativity, losing tests our character a lot more than winning. In fact, when it comes to success, winning is more of a detriment compared to losing. Too much winning can breed arrogance and over-confidence. Winners become complacent and stop improving. The competition is always hungry to take down the winners. If you are at the top, and fail to stop improving, it is only a matter of time before someone comes in and dethrone you. Winning is the mission. It is what we strive for, but recognize that occasional losses humbles us and allow us to see improvement areas.
  10. Develop Your Social Skills. Like it or not, we live in an inter-dependent society. No matter how badass or talented you are, you are not better off working alone than with the right team. This means a critical component of success is learning how to handle human interactions and recognize social cues. This is especially important in workplaces. The highly successful people are individuals who are capable of adapting the different personalities and recognizing their needs and wants. Remember that you are not always going to get along with everyone, but it is how you handle the interaction through communication that is the key.
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