Photo: Lucien Hervé: Structure-port portion of Izmir, Turkey, © 1960 Lucien Hervé

Research and Reflection

Lucien Hervé was a French photographer. His characteristic style of cropped frames, Trying to extract and interpret the inner meaning of the building through a unique and pluralistic perspective, abstract and highly generalized approach,plunging or oblique views, and cut-down compositions are tending toward abstraction. Expresses the aesthetic of the “order,” which takes a little perspective, framed Founder, pay attention to balance, clear construction. You will see the photographer in the removal of all the messy interference in the space after the building in the pure The environment shows a peaceful gesture. That might be symmetrical beauty or the beauty of conflict, or looking up, or overlooking, or as a whole, or part, with a flexible perspective to convey a dynamic sense of space. His photo presents proof of the truth, creating another reality that telling us to see the building and the city on different angle or views may discover new matter. Also can find these elements in the third photo, perspective, abstract and clearly show the construction of architecture

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