How Post-Quantum makes our life more secure?

When hacker become smarter and smarter, computability become better and better, the cybersecurity will therefore become more and more important. Post-Quantum, a start-up sticks to apply quantum computing to solve security issues such as secure communication, authentication, encryption and block chain. As they said “We cannot just rely on antivirus and firewalls anymore”.

Since nowadays even the RSA, the securest algorithm can be hacked within one hour with distributed system. The RSA with quantum cryptanalysis, however, take 5 to 10 years to crack the code. They offer several products PQ Check, .

What is quantum computing? In a classical computer the basic unit is bit, either 0 or 1. But in quantum computing, the system use quantum bit or a qubit for short. The qubit is a linear superposition of the two states, which still 0 or 1. So what make it different? If we use 2 qubit, we are able to present four states in superposition and four amplitudes. An N qubit system has N basis states as well as amplitudes, which make it grow exponentially. That is why it’s so powerful than the traditional computer.

PQ Check uses public keys to create unique identity for each one or device and is user-friendly. It automatically matches the device with the same id. In addition, it can be used as a digital signature. I think nowadays social media should improve their security, teen love privacy, they use Snapchat rather than Facebook, twitter because their photos, videos, messages will be deleted. Furthermore, take Google and Yahoo for example, they were neck and neck, Google priority security. On the contrary, Yahoo didn’t want to spend too many resources on security. So Yahoo later had data breach incident which made it fall behind Google.

PQ Guard is a product that use quantum computer and supercomputer to build up Robert McEliece cryptosystem to make every input a different encrypted output. The most important feature is that it can be applied to smart phones, laptops, desktops and servers. I think by using the fastest distributed system can crack all the encrypted data within a year, even nowadays post-quantum develops such a brand-new system. It still can be cracked for a hacker use quantum-computing technique, so I think we can combine Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning to dynamically change the encrypted data in a way that is related to decryption. If we didn’t do such things, we will never escape from hacker.

The third product is PQ Send. When the file is sent, it will need multiple approvers to sign it. The system utilizes biometrical signature to double check. Finally, the sending organization keep audit trail of file leaving the system.

Basically the products from Post-Quantum mainly focus on cybersecurity, cryptography. However, I think instead of just security, we must have many other applications. Off top of my head, we might use it to simulate the process of learning for human brain. I think the most interesting part is that brain always change during learning, as quantum computing. It alter for certain probability. Maybe we will find out why some children have difficult learning math.

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