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I was lazy to draw it so I took the circle from here.

Wheel of Life. A self-assessment tool to find out what is not working in your life

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Chengeer Lee
Dec 14, 2017 · 4 min read

I often see the questions on Quora like:

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In this essay, I want to share with you one single instrument that improved my life big time.

It is a self-assessment tool called “the Wheel of Life”.

This is the video tutorial for the Wheel of Life

You will not be effective in changing your life if you don’t identify the problem. The first step is always to understand what things are not working inside you and in your life. At times it could be too overwhelming so nothing works better than good ol’ pencil and paper.

Basically, what you do is you draw a circle and divide it into 8 sectors like so:

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I was lazy to draw it so I took the circle from here.

So, here is what you do — you self-assess each sector of your life by giving it a value on the scale from 1 to 0, with 1 being a “complete disaster” and 10 is “wow this is awesome”.

Be honest with yourself and give an accurate value which will adequately represent your satisfaction with each aspect.

8 aspects of your life include:

1. Health.

  • The way you feel yourself
  • Appearance (how you look)
  • Mobility (how much you move throughout the day)
  • Mood
  • Walks (how much time you spend on fresh air)
  • Energy
  • Nutrition
  • Regime
  • Sport
  • Sleep

2. Relationships

  • Communication with others
  • Friendship
  • Love (your partner)
  • Family

3. Environment

  • Surroundings
  • Relatives
  • Colleagues
  • Acquaintances
  • Neighbors
  • Opponents

4. Career

  • Job
  • Career strategy
  • Business
  • Profession
  • Time investment
  • Social status

5. Money

  • Income
  • Life conditions

6. Personal growth

  • Education
  • Coaching
  • Special training
  • Personal growth
  • Reading

7. Brightness of life

  • Entertainment
  • Relaxation
  • Hobby
  • Travelling
  • Impressions

8. Spiritual life

  • Religion
  • Spiritual practices
  • Beliefs
  • Meditations
  • Art

There you go! If you did everything correctly you should have drawn a wheel of life. As you can see they are in a certain order for a reason. Health is the basement for everything else. If you lack health, your relationships will suffer, your career will suffer, consequently decreasing your income. With no money you can’t travel, you can’t afford to have time for personal growth, and you definitely will not think about spiritual life when, for example, you have nothing to eat. As you see, everything is interconnected.

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Me listening to Eron-don-don

Now you should think of it as the wheels of the car that you drive throughout your life.

Your #1 priority is to make it as round as possible







Personal growth

Brightness of life

Spiritual life

Your #2 priority is the scale of the wheel.

Final words

Whatever is the storm you are going through

Keep going

Remember that everything is temporary. The way reveals itself under the feet of a walking man. Idleness is deadly. The determination is conquering.

Start with this simple stage. Identify your problems and the solutions will become clear. Improve your life step by step, sector by sector. Believe in yourself. It is doable.

Good luck!

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