My partner and I designing (left); the finished alarm (right)


I have used prototyping tools such as Arduino before but this is my very exposure to Littlebits. It is very different in that it is much simpler to use and require almost no training at all. The instruction manuals clearly explain the details of how each “bit” works. After playing around with the bits for about ten minutes, my partner and I decided to tackle the design challenge for a specific user group. We chose the scenario where people often forget to turn off the stove while cooking and this is a serious threat to people’s lives because it…

The front page of Tableau (left) and our final product for this Visualization sprint (right)


This week’s design topic was visualization. Our focus was on using the software Tableau to create beautiful visualizations that are not only fun to look at, but also convey clear messages or information. For our visualizations, we were supposed to make a tableau dashboard with 3 visualizations that serve to be answers to our design question. Our design question is “how can we help young people drive more safely in the present and future?. How we planned to answer this design question was by creating a map of places in Seattle where most auto-related accidents occur. This will help…

My trusty yellow notebook and the secrets within


Prepare yourself for one of my favorite topics in a design class! This week in studio, we learned how to conduct user research and by putting this skill to practical use, we had a deliverable to complete!! For our deliverable, we were supposed to sit on the bus for 30 minutes and observe what was happening in the bus or the atmosphere of the bus. How we did this was by again taking notes in a notebook and this was slightly embarrassing because because I became this stalkerish dude on the bus looking around and jotting down notes on…

I got to experience what it was like being a tech design intern!

Two of my most promising designs: different classes of carriages for the Dronecopter and a controller for people who want to drive the drone.


Boy was this week’s studio and assignment intense. We get ten minutes to create ten designs averaging a minute per design!! It was however, very effective and fun. In studio, we designed ideal vacations and creative ways for removing, reusing, or recycling trash. Finally, our homework assignment was to come up with 10 divergent designs and 10 convergent designs for means of transportation. We did all of the designing by first drawing out the design then captioning it with what it’s supposed to do or its…

(left: lots of discussion going on, right: a run with our user on the microwave)


We learned and experimented with usability testing this week!! It is definitely interesting to see how easily designers miss usability flaws that trip people up big time. We designed a usability test for microwaves in this lab section. We started out by coming up with a few functions that people normal use the microwave for (ie. popping popcorn, defrosting, reheating, etc.). After that we came up with a few tasks for the user to do to see just how easy or hard a microwave is to use. Our first task was for the person to set the timer and…

mapping and prototyping


In this lab, we went through an intense process similar to what interns would do when they are trying to create an interaction design. My user was a hiker and he wanted to collect data on bears. So the scenario I thought of was this: A hiker is on a mountain and he has two things on his mind. He wants to record a sighting of a bear and he wants to see which routes have bears and which don’t or if he’s interested in a bear he spotted, he wants to easily gain access to that bear. My…

Our project and presentation


For this UCD charrette class, I was in 2 different groups. I’ll focus more on the second group because it’s the group I worked with more. To start, the first group I was in was assigned a van for old people. We decided to make special features such as bigger buttons, parking assist, and hearing assist because they were what old people needed. I moved to my second group which was assigned a car for moms or dads driving babies around. We decided to make a touchpad interface on the car much like an iPad. However, it had safety…

"Luke Heng-Hsin" Cheng

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