115km in Adelaide. An experience of a lifetime.

17- 21 Jan 2017.

Adelaide held a special place in my heart, and with this trip, even more so.

4 years back, I won an all-expenses paid 5-day trip to Adelaide and brought my ex with me in the middle of our university term. It was a trip I had never forgotten; not only the sights and sounds but also the person — there, I learnt a lot more about L; more than I ever wanted.

That being said, this trip was pretty rushed and last minute and I wasn’t even sure if I could get on the flight as it was so full. Thank God I managed though; with the help of my colleagues. Feelings of nostalgia did wash over me for a bit — but surprisingly the emotions weren’t there.

Kevin (aka the cutest SM) met me upon arrival and brought me to his lovely apartment in Glenelg, my home for two days (although I wished it would be longer). I got some rest, set up my bike for a ride with the rest of the guys (and Kevin).

Over the days, I learnt why Australians are so good in cycling in general — Adelaide, and I believe in other parts of Australia, had all elements that break you mentally. Extreme temperature shifts and weather conditions, long climbs, sharp and steep descents, as well as crosswinds can make one feel slow and miserable. I only managed the Anza highway and coastal route and was kinda disappointed to miss Harndorf due to a bout of stomach flu.

Thankfully, I was well enough to start and complete BUPA. The route was part of the Tour Down Under Stage and while it seemed challenging for us, it wasn’t for the pros. It was a cold wet start to the morning as it drizzled for several bits of the ride and while it was miserable, I trudged through. And..the sense of achievement at the end, AWESOMENESS. I think this was by far the most challenging course ever and it would remain in my memories for a long time.

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