Apply Flip Book Maker to Create Christmas Invitation by Yourself

Christmas is one of the most important festivals in a year. It is a time for a reunion. In most of the condition, families would get together and have a happy time. In addition, you can also invite some friends to come for a party. So, in such a case, a Christmas invitation is needed. It is so nice for you to make the invitation by yourself. All of your families and friends would very appreciate and thanks for this. We are not designers; it is difficult to make one wonderful invitation by ourselves. However, there is the flip book maker. With the help of this kind of flip book maker, any one of us can make amazing Christmas invitation by ourselves.

Thus, where to find this kind of software? Not long ago, I‘ve tried one kind of flip book maker, and make one invitation by myself. I really like the wonderful effective it gives to me. It is Mobissue, a free and professional flip book maker for all invitations. Today, I would like to share some tips about making the invitation.

1. Images to digital invitation

Mobissue allows users create a digital invitation in two simple ways. One is directly importing a PDF while the other is importing some images into the software. I would prefer import some images into the software because it is so convenience to edit the text and layout into Mobissue. Once you importing the PDF, you cannot change the text edited before though it is a faster way to create a digital invitation.

2. Never miss the animation editor

Although you can insert beautiful background music and set stunning dynamic scenes for your invitation. Or give your invitation an attractive background full of Christmas atmosphere. You should not so easily be satisfied with that. I would not regret to share the Animation Editor to you. I have tried to insert local video and YouTube video into my invitation under the help of this editor. It’s pretty wonderful. Besides, I place one photo gallery in my invitation to show some of the happy moments with families and friends with the Slideshow function.

3. Share with all the friends and families

When finishing the designing and creating, it’s time to share the Christmas invitation to the people you want to invite. Actually, the quickest way to share the invitation is to publish it as HTML format and send the invitation link to the friends. They could receive your invitation on mobile phones, tablets. In addition, there are other output formats there. ZIP, EXE, Email to, to FTP server and save as Plug-in. More importantly, you can upload your invitation online to share with other people.

The above are three tips I want to share to all of you. Hope it would give you some help. To be honest, I am also a green hand in this field. We can share and learn together. Its official website offer much more details to make an invitation. You can take a look at it.