Discover CDG’s Taper Legs Windsor Range Chairs for your sweet home

Natural looking but elegant furniture are receiving great feedback from the community in the recent decade. The design for these products has innovated and adapted through researching and understanding consumer needs. There is one company that caught my eyes recently with their extensive range of selection as well as quality — CDG Furniture.

CDG Furniture is a professional metal furniture manufacturer with more than 10-years experience, which produces Contracted, Designer and Garden furniture. They specialize in making industrial and handmade vintage style furniture, and those products have been very popular and receiving very positive feedback from its customers.

Windsor stacking dining chair started to promote to the crowd in 2016. This chair has become one of CDG’s hottest sale items due to both functional and aesthetic aspects. Later in early 2017, the firm was starting to introduce more items to this particular product line. A few months later, with the successful launch of new series entries, the Windsor products have become CDG’s 2nd generation hottest sale product line after the Cross Back series.

Making the best products available

Let’s take a look these downright beautiful Windsor chairs and find out what features they contain.

Primary range of chairs including:

a. Stacking side chair;

b. Arm chair;

c. Bar chair;

d. Stool and Barstool.

The design and functions of each category are different; therefore, they can meet various consumers’ demand and CDG’s product can easily fit in users plan, whether they are planning for a business meeting or a wedding party. Even if you are ranging to fit in a tiny but exquisite bar in your apartment, they also have something special for you that can be harmoniously mixed with your warm and sweet ‘private harbour’.

The Windsor Stacking Chair — a customer’s favourite you don’t want to miss

The Windsor series has been popular among fans for over 2 years, and you may wonder what features that are can endure this long and keep up with all those newly introduced competitors:

  1. All items have tapered design legs.

Tapered design is not only for aesthetic improvement with a pleasing curving design, but also aims to increase the stability and longevity of the chair. CDG was considering the occasion which their products may present, and create the Windsor chair that is both beautiful and safe to use.

2. Stacking side chair, armchair and bar chair all with Windsor style backrest.

Stacking may seem unnecessary for some users, but when you are a wedding host or business owner, it offers great advantage in saving more space in your place. Windsor style backrest also allows for more comfortable sitting each time people use the product.

3. Full range items with laser cutting seat.

Laser cutting ensures all chairs are well-made and meet CGD’s high production standard. The curves of the seat are much smoother to ensure the maximisation of comfortability again. The application of this technology also provides an opportunity for producing more efficiently with big orders.

4. The full range can be made of Steel or Aluminium.

Compare to other firms, one of the good sides of this company that really stands out, in my opinion, is the flexibility in choosing what I think fits the most to my venue. Different materials can be chosen by customers and the possibility is never stopped here.

These range Taper Legs Windsor products can be used for both indoor and outdoor. They are good for home, Garden, restaurant, bar and hotel with their extensive range of choice and colour. If you are looking for purchasing this kind of chair recently, or other types of furniture like tables, look no further because CDG Furniture IS your choice.