Seven Daily Wins — Easy Habits For Every Day

Meditate Every Day

Four weeks ago I made the leap and moved to a new town. A new community, new lifestyle, new.. everything.

One benefit of not knowing anyone is a free schedule to fill as I please. Having that space has allowed me to create my daily routine exactly how I want it. These are some of the habits I’ve decided to work in.

1. Drink a half liter of water every morning, right when I wake up

This is when we’re the most dehydrated. It’s important to hydrate right away.

2. 20–30 minutes of exercise.

Always mandatory. I do 20 minutes of yoga or run two miles every morning.

This makes the blood flow, gets me into my body, and raises my mood.

3. Take a hot then cold shower.

Better than a cup of coffee. There’s a whole list of benefits you get when you do this. Immune system boost, testosterone, it goes on.

4. Meditate for 7 minutes.

Why seven? It’s the magic number. Seven steps to heaven, seven deadly sins, seven minutes of meditation every morning. This is the time I take to clear my mind for the day. Use it well.

5. Eat a healthy, organic, and nutritious breakfast.

Know what nourishes your body. I eat a staple breakfast of beans, eggs cooked in turmeric sunny side up, arugula, and chicken sausage. I’ll usually make a green smoothie for myself as well. Eating a healthy breakfast sets your body up for the rest of the day. I used to drink a cup of coffee and not eat anything. I’d end up crashing halfway through my day.

6. Spend 20 minutes learning something new.

I subscribe to several blogs and access them through a feed reader like Feedly. Lately I’ve been listening to podcasts, or buying an online course in an area I want to focus on. My favorites recently: speed reading with Jim Kwik and Clear Communication with Eben Pagan.

The key here for me: take notes and then teach what I learn to someone else. I always make sure that what I learn, I can reproduce or is cataloged.

7. Breathe.

I forget to breathe a lot. I’m always trying to remember to. Especially because I spend much of my day sitting.

Take breaths that are at least three seconds on the inhale, and three seconds on the exhale. Make sure you’re breathing into your stomach and lower diaphragm. Sit with a straight spine with your shoulders relaxed. Try pulling your shoulder blades together, tilting your head down and tucking your chin.

Here’s a good 5–15 minute meditation you can use.

What are your daily habits for happiness?

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