Should Tests and Grades Be Encouraged?

Do you hate tests and grades? In many schools, teacher evaluate students by their grades. Many people think it is unfair and one-sided to evaluate students by grades. It will discourage students to learn. I believe, however, tests and grades can encourage students to learn. The three reasons can be analyzed as follows.

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First of all, tests are important for studying. Attending classes is not enough for students to remember all knowledge. They need examinations to review the lessons. Students need to study hard so that they can pass each test or get a high grade. Therefore, grades encourage students to study for examinations, and it is a good system for them to learn the subjects.

Secondly, test scores are standard measurements for students’ learning ability and knowledge level. Most people would agree with it, therefore, universities all over the world take test results as standard measurements to give scholarship to recruit students, to offer scholarship, and to decide if grant a student graduation or not. High school teachers use test results as a way to evaluate the effects of teaching and students’ learning progress. By test scores, teachers also know each individual student’s ability to learn.

Finally, grades can encourage students to compete with each other. The modern society is full of competition. Students can learn the spirit of competition through tests and grades. To compete with others and obtain good evaluation, students must learn many techniques and get high grades. Competing grades in schools can make students more adaptable to the society.

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In conclusion, there are many obvious benefits of tests and grades. Grades not only help students learn more, but also help universities and teachers teach students better. Therefore, tests and grades should be encouraged to exist in order to benefit both students and teachers.