Currently, there are more than 2000 dApps running on Etherem’s main blockchain. It’s inevitable to say that supporting dApps is one of the key functionalities when one designs a new blockchain platform. …

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Image of coupled cellular automata from “softologyblog

So here comes the fundamental questions that need to be asked: What is true randomness, how is it generated and where can we get them?

Before we dive into these questions, a more fundamental question perhaps needs to be asked is: does randomness actually exist? or is it just a misconception of this complex universe due to our lack of intelligence?

In Russian mathematician Andrei Khrennikov’s article “Introduction to foundations of probability and randomness”, he summarizes key features of randomness from Kolmogorov’s…

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The Art of Chaos. Source: The Odyssey Online

Randomness is one of the cornerstones of modern technologies based on computation, especially in the field of secure-channel communication and cryptography. Even the simplest encryption scheme such as One-Time Pad(OTP) requires randomness to work because otherwise, any adversary could break the encryption by knowing the encryption function and performing the reverse computation.

Besides being useful for building a secure channel for communication and encrypting information, randomness is also helpful for deciding which node is talking to which while multiple nodes want to talk with each other. …


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