Film of a night encounter wandering in the street

Full name: jacky chen

student number: 2944913

The film that i took around darling harbour is obviously demonstrate my topic directly. One of the seven technologies is a night of encounters wandering in the streets. This technology refers to be a night tour walking around the river along with those beautiful building. Actually, the tour of night walking with my lovely girlfriend would be a fantastic experience ever since before.

With the help of my iphone camera and the help of the light setting in the movie, some skills like the light and shadow are integrated in the whole picture. I walking slightly holding a phone in case it shake too much to affect the visual effect. All of the architecture closely sitting together, which form a sense of harmonious and ultramodern when my girlfriend hold my hand walking on the road. Every architecture is brightly shined like the blink star. At that moment, i am fell in the honey atmosphere with my best love.

When we walking around the darling harbour, popular and rock music can be heared everywhere. People passing by are touched by the music to be much more excited and great-mood. It exactly contrasting the braw atmosphere which bring all the tourist a kind of auspicious sign and even revel in the beauty. That the reason why sydney famous to all of us for its unique symboy of the night view and its comfortable lifestyle.

link of the video:

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