Full name: jacky chen

Student number: 2944913

The technologies, contemporary building with a expressive massing thanks to the use of shadow and light, remain a deep impression in my mind. Those photographs that I took are around our campus. The masterpiece of the photographers is the high-rise building, which in black and white colour. White and black dominants the whole segments of the picture. White presents by the lamplight in every floors, while the black color show the shadow composed by the construction of the architecture.

The picture what I took is the Sydney Convention and Exhibition Center. That building is a symbol of Sydney, which is not only a building but also a scenery along the bank of the darling Barbour. I took the images in different angles. As the image shows, the landmark is seems great three dimensional sense with the proper combination of the light and shadow. From a long sight, light and shadow adds some visual effect on it, which contrast different atmosphere and also enable to form a visual space. Shadow presents in a black color, which play a cohesive role in the visual effect with light. The visual light would be tedium and isolated without shadow.

As the tourist attraction, darling Barbour has wide space with beautiful sky-line and variety of shopping malls and restaurants. It symbolizes the colorful culture and lifestyle and reflects the modern social society which fully with genius man.


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