Good Football…Good Business

What I learnt during week 10 of the 2016 NFL Season:

During, the Miami Dolphins vs. San Diego Chargers NFL contest on Sunday, Greg Gumbel noted that the Dolphins’ coach, Adam Gase, instructed his coaches to stop him if he altered the original game plan to run the football as the team’s dominant strategy due to lack of initial success early in the game.

Developing the plan, sharing it with his coaches, and authorizing them to hold him (the head coach) accountable to that plan went a long way to enabling the Dolphins to WIN!

Good Business Game Plan

1) Create a game plan/strategic plan…you believe in.
2) Communicate it to your coaches/management.
3) Authorize coaches/management to hold leaders accountable (by letting them have a voice).
4) Play the game/run the business.
5) Weather the storms as they come and shake your belief in your plan).

If you have the correct items in the strengths section of your SWOT analysis, they should lead you to the opportunities you’ll need to head in the right direction (towards success). Play to your strengthens and be ready to capitalize on your opportunities. Lastly, be mindful of your weaknesses and be ready and flexible to counter any threats (known or unknown).

Although this may not guarantee a perfect season, it may just get you through the next business cycle so you can play the next week’s game.

What additional strategies can Leaders use to stick to their game plans during the heat of the battle when challenges arise?