Within this challenging period that happened all around the world, most offices and startups instruct their employees to work-from-home to avoid the pandemic that is spreading rapidly across the globe.

Though this policy can save us time and money for daily commuting to the office, some critical problems arise, especially for Android developers, that in turn will waste time and money at a far higher rate compared to transportation expenses.

The Problem

Inside Tokopedia Android Team, we use Jenkins CI/CD for building APK, both for testing and real deployment purpose. This Jenkins environment can only be accessed from the office's internal network…

As a large scale tech company with so many android developers, we use Jenkins CI in Tokopedia for faster and smoother processes to create an android apk and aab build for integration testing before merging each feature branch to the main one. All android developers are happy with the systems. Then, everything changed when the Fire Nation attacked.

The Problem

Everything seems fine in the beginning, but many problems arise when Jenkins’ usage is very high. One of them is missing Jenkins’ build result due to the limitation of only the last 30 jobs are kept. …

As Tokopedia grows fast from time to time, so does the number of sub-teams and modules in our android team codebase. Each sub-team usually owns a number of modules, depending on the size of each sub-team. We use CODEOWNERS file system from GitHub to make sure that every code changes to a specific module should be reviewed by at least one of the members of the sub-team that owns that module.

Actually this system is great for securing the codebase from breaking changes. …

Nowadays app review plays vital role in dictating the success of the company behind. Got overall rating below three then you are done. But how about not getting any rating at all? That’s also the sure way to destruction.

So what are we going to do here is to ask for review in the right moment as possible when the user seems satisfied with our apps experiences. The right moment comings in, our apps launch the popup screen that ask for review, then.. the user declined, and we lost the opportunity to get good rating.

But why the user declined…

Henry Priyono

Software Engineering, Singing, and Food Hunting

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