Why do I want to become a Software Engineer and Why do I want to attend Holberton School

Becoming a Software Engineer is about more than just programming. This career is necessary because software created by software engineers makes peoples lives easier. It is also beneficial in that it provides the engineer with a high rate of occupational growth and a well-paying job. In spite of the fact that software engineering involves working lengthy hours and involves a great deal of pressure it is a very rewarding career as well. It provides individuals with the opportunity to solve problems and make products that other consumers will appreciate and use. Software Engineering is an expanding occupation, which means that more and more jobs are opening up for more positions everyday. I feel that the main objective for software engineers is to work together as a collective whole to create software and apps that the company’s consumers will enjoy and purchase. It is a career choice that will lead to success. Technology is always advancing, which means that this job will continue to be sought after. Therefore, there will be a need for software engineers from present to future.

I chose Holberton School because the classroom setting is not like traditional classrooms that rely primarily on textbook learning. Holberton School provides an open learning environment for its students. You get to collaborate and have discussions with your classmates on different ideas and various projects that are assigned to your group. Also project based learning is more intuitive than textbook learning. I believe this is because you tend to attain, and retain, more knowledge if you have hands-on work experience. This approach is much more practical and effective than simply taking notes. You get more of an immersed understanding of what you learn. The biggest reason why I chose Holberton School, however, is because the school offers tech mentors from juggernaut corporations such as Google and Apple. They don’t just assist and guide the students on projects. They also give their feedback on what the students need to improve upon and what they are already proficient at. The mentors are experienced in their field and they provide you with valuable information to help you excel. These are the reasons why I chose Holberton School!