Critical Reflection of Project 1

The object I have done in the first stage is a little square cup, which has slight texture on it. The size of this cup is about 40*30, which cost 2-hour printing time using ultimaker. After kiln the plaster and cast the glass, the final piece I got looks great besides a little flaw. The thickness of the PLA model is less than 4mm, so to prevent glass from getting stuck during cast; I add a layer of wax inside the cup before burnout to increase the thickness beyond 4mm. However, the wax layer I made by hand cannot be flat as the machine did. So the surface inside is very rough and bumpy, which is not similar as the outside. This problem would be corrected if I got a chance to make a new one.

In conclusion, this is a really good experience for me for considering things in details and a good lesson to use both digital methods and traditional glass craft as well.

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