Right now I am lying in the sofa and facing Manhattan right across the Hudson river. I am feeling so chill, happy, and excited about what is coming next in my life. I feel blessed that I am be able to be here, in this dreamy city.

I am just graduated from James Madison University in Virginia. During the following summer, I was very frustrated about how my life should keep moving without any classes, assignments, and professors anymore. I was feeling so lost and upset that the four years of effort do not seem to be paid off. Back then, I was really happy that I get to choose the major I really interested. I studied Public Relations in college, and I really like it. But after I graduated, I found out that even though the area is human friendly and full of excitements, it is a very competitive area. If I want to be standout, I have to be irrplaceable. After applying jobs endlessly, I stopped and started to think about it. I am very interested in studying human being and society, but the culture and the history of human have been already studied. Undoubtedly, technology is running the world now. Then I think if there is something that can strength the relationship between human and technology, it must be a very potential area. I did some research and the name UX was there. It is a not a fresh out area, but it is truly a mind-blowing area to me.

It took me a while to figure out the real difference among UX designer, UI designer, and programer. After knowing how the system work, I become more interested in studying UX design. UX is kind of in the middle area between UI and programer. I want to learn human being, study their behavior, and then use my design to satisfy their technical need. My Public Relations background can also help me to make the communication more flow and convincing.

I am very looking forward to be an UX design student and a professional UX designer. I want to design something that can be helpful to the human being, and make the communication between the human and technology more flow.

P.S. Thanks to dad and mom for showing me the world and being very supportive.