Life like Lego

In mid of November 2015, once again the Shell Petrol Company started to run a countrywide Lego Campaign till the early of Dec 2015. I was rejoice to learn about the campaign. Lego, it is name for the plastic bricks come in a variety of colour, shape and sizes, it could combine with the other pieces to take a new form. Some could make it a racing car, a truck or a building. Lego is the toy bricks of imagination, bricks of innovation, bricks of unlimited possibilities.

This is a story about me and lego in the past. My first piece of lego comes as a redemption goods of buying milk powder products when I was little. It’s similar to those purchase in shopping mall, that you can redeem something with receipt over the gift counter. My mum like those free gifts from shopping, it was then I met my first lego set, a lego motorboat. I have no idea what Lego is. I could recall in my childhood time, I often have this imagination over this little motor boats, where some parts seems to be able make into a robot head. However I don’t have enough Lego parts to complete my imagination for the robot body. My collection of Lego comes from various occasional in life, range from small redemption goods over purchases, and buying small box of lego once in a long while. Eventually a decade long later, my favourites Lego set shared with my brother finally filled up a Lego bucket like half the size of a 5 little mineral water bottle.

Although Lego often comes in a predefined set, in the pile of dissemble Lego bricks there lies the imaginations and possibilities. Given a example, taking a a few Lego sets from the racing car, the truck, the lego sets of podium and petrol station; put them together, adding in some imaginations, it could become a space rocket, a fighter jet, a house, or a lego robot. The Lego taught me several values in life, it’s all about the idea, the innovation, and the imagination.

The imagination is an intangible thing, it can’t be seen nor it exists physically like the instruction manual come with the Lego sets. Though invisible, the imagination led me to a whole new possibilities with the existing Lego sets that I have. While I was a kid rummaged through the pile of Lego bricks, I often wonder if there anything else I could build other than stated in the manual. Leveraging my imagination, I have built a various objects range from castle, cafe, cars, & trucks, tanks, trains… out of those ordinary Lego bricks. As an adult nowadays, I come to wonder about my life. Similarly can I make something meaningful in my life, out of the ordinary things I have? I believe it’s possible. The key ingredient is imagination. Imagination comes from taking a new perspective. We ought to muster the courage to explore the uncharted area in our life, this can be travelling to a new place, learning a new language, reading books other than our favourite topics; Looking at our life from a new perspective is similar to seeing the imagination in the Lego sets and to build another awesome Lego creation.

There can be time where we need to start all over again in our life. My lego collection was given away to other people during my college time when I was far away from home. Not a piece of brick left for me. The value that I learnt from the building bricks: keep the imagination alive in everywhere! This never cease to exist in my life. I see hopes and possibilities everywhere. As much as we can improvise on a Lego creation, we could level up our life as well. The idea of putting additional Lego brick to make a Lego racing car with a more details looking, is similar to putting some efforts into shaping our life to live up to the purpose we want in life; Through imagination, we can make things happen!

Lastly just for an example, if we think there is a little thing missing in our life, we could add some spices and fun activities into it. Hmm, how about getting a set of Lego? With that thoughts, I have restarted my Lego collection, it began with the Lego offered by Shell Petrol Lego campaign.

Life is like a lego set, with some imagination, it brings new possibilities.