What’s Next? The End of the 30-Day Challenge

‘Something Imperfect’ Continues and a Call for Content (Day 30)

It’s the final day of “Something Imperfect,” my first 30-day challenge to publish something every single day. I succeeded most days, but I didn’t finish within the 30-day limit — partly due to a fear of following it with another challenge.

Toward the end, I came across the TED Talk, “Surprising Lessons from 100 Days of Rejection,” by Jia Jiang. My mind immediately began to interpret it as a sign of synchronicity:

“The universe is telling me that if I’m really serious about challenging myself, it is time for me to do something really big.”

Such as approaching strangers, making outrageous requests, filming people telling me “no,” and then giving a TED Talk.

I compared my challenge to Jiang’s, and told myself I wasn’t doing enough. To prove my worth and capabilities, I had to “go bigger.”

Jiang did his challenge for 100 days. I had not even finished my first 30, and I was pressuring myself to “go bigger” to prove that my self-challenge was “really worth something.”

Reality Check

“Something Imperfect” has been a rejection challenge, during which I went public with my daily thoughts to see where they would lead and find out how “the world” would respond.

Several times, the world I imagined in my head responded by telling me “that’s enough imperfection.” A few times, especially at the end, I obeyed and curled into a quiet little ball of not-publishing. Most days, I didn’t give in to the fear and hit publish anyway.

Yay for me, I hit publish 30 more times! When it comes to self-knowledge, the greatest challenge is not to reject myself. I learned a lot about about my daily motivations to write and my stumbling blocks to creativity.

What’s Up Next

To contradict — while hearing — the protective parts of me that tell me to stop, I’m going to keep going. I’m going to keep working on the goal of saying something true every day, and saying it as clearly and directly as I can.

Perhaps “finding my voice” simply means no longer giving myself the out of fear. Sometimes it means letting myself feel the fear, and then getting up and continuing on.

During the challenge, I became faster at writing, faster at idea generation, and faster at hitting the “publish” button. I worried less about failing in my writing pursuits each day and less about people ignoring, attacking, or rejecting me.

I publish for my own growth, and if anyone else finds value in the things I write, that’s icing. The goal isn’t to grow a large audience or avoid rejection, but to express truth in writing.

The Challenge Continues

With the idea of “something imperfect,” I freed myself to say what I wanted to say. I’m going to keep using the Something Imperfect publication for generating ideas, while periodically transferring the best articles to Self-Knowledge Daily.

These will include the ones I like best and those that receive the most recommends. So if you like something I write, or you think I’m expressing an idea that more people might benefit from reading about, be sure to recommend the article so I know to feature it and replay it on social media.

I’m also going to reduce the next challenge to 21 consecutive days to give myself a breather from a seemingly endless daily pressure to produce. It took about half that time for the habit of daily production to begin to form and for my mind to get used to the regular habit of generating ideas.

Call for Outside Content

Finally, I’d like to hear about any content that might fit under the topic of “self-knowledge.” If you listen to the Freedomain Radio podcast, you likely know what I’m talking about. If not, I offer the following definitions of what I’m looking for:

  • “Self-knowledge” is the Socratic idea that understanding others and the world requires having a strong foundation in knowledge about ourselves and our histories.
  • Or as the tagline of Self-Knowledge Daily says: “rational content for self-connected people.”

I’m creating a library of articles, books, podcasts, artwork, memes, and YouTube videos that I’d like to promote through the Facebook and Twitter accounts of Self-Knowledge Daily. I will automate sharing times through the use of the Meet Edgar app and, of course, give attributions to the original sources.

Do you have favorite Freedomain Radio episodes from the early years that new listeners might find of value? Favorite James Altucher articles about “choosing yourself”? Classic videos by Daniel Mackler? Quotes by Alice Miller? Would you like to see certain memes get more attention?

Tell me which content you have found most valuable to your self-knowledge pursuits. If we choose to share it, we may do so once, or put it in a repeated random rotation. Thank you in advance for your suggestions.

This is day 30 of “Something Imperfect,” a personal challenge to hit publish every day for a month, which I successfully completed imperfectly.