My Very Own Emotional Rollercoaster
Kevin Beal

“Wouldn’t” as you say below. I can identify with so much of what you say in this article, but as a parent, I find myself thinking about the steepness and size of the mountain your parents would have had to climb if they had gone for help (which relates to my own experiences of trying to get help before the advent of the Internet). The entrenchment of family culture is so strong that even today most therapists don’t see it or won’t question it , or they still tell you that your goal is to figure out how to “forgive and forget” the impact of your parents’ actions, as if the problem is that you just aren’t good enough at forgiving and forgetting. No one can face and understand how terrible it was alone, with everyone around you telling you to “get over it,” further attempting to erase the effects that live on in your body, no matter what mental tricks you try to play with your mind. Thankfully, the Internet is making it much, much easier to find people who want to know and understand the truth, and there truly are no more excuses for parents and parents-to-be not to get help.

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