Following a high-water mark reached in 2016, the pace of solar installations has fallen off

Growth in residential solar panel installations has sputtered in recent years and an eerie parallel from a decade ago — namely elements of the mortgage crisis — may be part of the reason.

Much was made at the time about solar installations breaking record numbers and asserting itself as a…

Michigan may be accomplishing something for its long-term development and economic competitiveness that this country has yet to do — meaningfully advance infrastructure.

Detroit, Michigan

On the surface, creating an infrastructure council as the state did in July this year to help put infrastructure projects in motion, may not seem like much but Michigan has actually taken a pivotal step in the right direction.

In my article earlier this year, The Infrastructure Footrace: Why is…

Infrastructure investing has become increasingly mainstream over the last decade, most recently highlighted by the noticeable influx of private equity money into the sector.

“The need for updated/expanded infrastructure, particularly in the US is without question”

Infrastructure investing is nothing new, but The Blackstone Group’s announcement of a $40 billion infrastructure fund in May 2017 was definitely the biggest splash made in this space to date among private equity firms, with overall infrastructure fundraising likely to continue.

Why has infrastructure investing become more prominent? A pivotal…

Taxes and tolls have become synonymous in the context of the US.

Tolling is not the only public sector where this marriage of business and politics is in play

Taxes and tolls have become synonymous in the context of the US. People often think about tolls as a tax, and whether merited or not paying the two of them is perceived as double taxation. Part of the reason is because many tolling entities are run by the public sector…

Cherian George

Cherian George is a managing director and head of the Americas in Fitch Ratings’ global infrastructure and project finance group. He is based in New York.

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