The tech future is female

This is my first official SXSW and I have to say for a newbie its pretty overwhelming! There’s so many panels and events that cater to those in tech and opportunities to meet and greet that its hard to choose which one to attend!

I decided to start with meet-up groups and chose to go to the Women in Tech meeting hosted by Girl Develop It Austin chapter and it was filled with women who are in the tech industries from many different companies and plenty of students coming into the field. I was able to meet the chapter co-leader of ChickTech Austin named Nicole and she helped organize the events. ChickTech is a great resource for girls in highschool who want to learn more about tech fields every year they have nominated girls join their group where they are able to build and develop projects in the tech field and actually have something to show for it. It’s a great mentor program and exposes areas of tech that may not be available to younger girls! This programs helps young girls feel confident, and gives them women to look up to when they are deciding their career paths. After speaking with Nicole, I was interested in becoming a mentor once my career was started. The thought that if I had this program as a girl in high school, I would have more than likely changed my mind in my career path. I didn’t know much about the different areas of tech you could be in and defintely didn’t see many women going into that field. I believe exposure to the tech field is an awesome way to encourage more diversity and gives girls a look at other avenues besides a business degree, nursing or any other field that are mostly female based. There were others that I was able to speak with but Nicole and ChickTech really left an impression on me and made me realize that the tech future will be female!

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