Why People Should be first in design

It’s great to have a awesome design but it’s not cool if no one wants to use it. Process should never go before who you are designing for, in order for a design to be successful, you need it to be “user” friendly. In order to create a “user” friendly design, you need to be ok with feedback, allow your protype to be dissected and criticized in order to find the pain points and figure out what your user’s likes and dislikes so you can create a design that someone would actually like to use. Have a plan, once your protype is done and you received feedback, how are you going to launch? What platform are you going to use? How are you going to get users to share your design with others? The next step is to create a brand behind your product. What is the copy message, does it align with brand? What is the voice you want to convey about your product? These are questions that need to be addressed in order to have a successful design that will have people in the forefront! Understand that your design will not be perfect on the first try but it can be tweaked and improved in order to be something people would want to use.

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