Why women should celebrate their period.

Women of the world, can we please just take a moment to acknowledge our amazing bodies? More specifically, when we get our period?

Your period gives confirmation. Your period signals proper function.

It’s beauty lies in the complexity of chemicals and hormones at play. It is composed of intricate, synchronous feedback loops throughout your entire body, made up of highs and lows, downstream signalling, binding and interaction. And when such loops align, beauty arises. These loops are delicate. And anything can trigger imbalance. But you remain in control. If you take the time to nourish yourself with all good things- body, mind and spirit, you will witness the beauty of alignment. You will witness rhythm and you feel harmony.

Although the description may seem of exaggeration, for someone who has masked hormonal imbalances with the contraceptive pill and experienced its physical and emotional altering effects, I cannot wait till I am reconnected with my body again and experience my natural rhythm. To me, getting this right is like an art form. The science behind this makes up a large part of it but we cannot forget the power of our thoughts and the essential component of our spirit which has its links to all our physical parts.

So the next woman I come across who is complaining about her period, I will let her know just how amazing her body is!

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