4 Ways to recover.

Despite heightened awareness, Black Lives Matter, multiple marches, protests and even Derek Chauvin’s conviction, scores of Black people still died in the year after George Floyd’s death at the brutal hands of reckless, misguided police officers and other hate-motivated people.

The Federal Bureau of Investigations reports that anti-Black crimes continue…

Election 2020

With so much at stake, many of us are beyond overwhelmed in 2020

I have never before considered the need for Election Day therapy, but I might for the 2020 presidential election. The last four years have been an unprecedented twist and turn of emotions and WTHs. Finally, Americans (and the world) are at the cliffhanger: Will President Trump get reelected? …

Even journalists sometimes have to ditch the 24–7 news cycle

Smiling Black woman with headphones on looking at her computer with a cup of coffee in her hand.

From Covid-19 and a high-stakes presidential election to domestic terrorism and reckoning with racial injustice, it seems harder than ever to stay informed while also staying emotionally intact. These uncertainties have made the world more on edge and less hopeful. …

An interracial couple’s journey to find a competent, unbiased, baggage-free therapist only highlights how much harder it is for Black people to find mental health help

Interracial couple walking through a door in a pink wall, holding hands.

My mother had a theory about therapists. She surmised they go into the profession chasing solutions to their own psychological demons. When she first told me this, it seemed confusing and contradictory given that therapists are the ones tasked with helping the rest of us to solve our mental health…

Cherie Berkley

Cherie Berkley is an Atlanta-based multimedia journalist. She specializes in health and lifestyle topics. She is a foodie and enjoys exotic travel.

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