This case study summarises my third project for General Assembly. This time I was tasked to work with 2 classmates to create a new digital experience for Five Guys customers.

The Challenge

Create an intuitive online solution for Five Guys customers that allows them to order remotely, pay, as groups and individuals and more easily split their bill. All whilst engaging people with Five Guys core brand attributes and encouraging loyalty.

It’s all about the burgers

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Five Guys has 27 restaurants across the UK, with one mission. To sell tasty burgers fast. They want to improve their digital ordering offering to make it more intuitive and enable…

This is a summary of my second project as part of the General Assembly UX immersive Course. Can you research, plan and create a user focused working prototype for an e-commerce site from scratch in 8 days?

What I set out to achieve:
To create the first working prototype for a desktop first e-commerce site, that allows customers to easily buy what they need, with confidence by highlighting the unique aspects of a small sports retailer, Edge Sports.

I wanted to create a unique online shopping experience that inspired people along the way to build trust in the brand and…

Hi I’m Cherie, and I’m in the first week of the General Assembly 10 week immersive UX design course. After years working for publishing companies and charities, in marketing and product management, it’s time for a change. Something that allows me to focus even more on people and solve problems, which is what I love to do.

Read all about my debut project as a UX designer in the making.

The Brief: The task was to develop and test a mobile app concept for a fellow classmate, that met an immediate need they have, solve the problem and improve their…

Cherie Chambers

UX Designer. Focusing on people and solving problems, Whilst raising one eyebrow like I can only do in my head.

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