Why now is a tough time to start a music marketing agency

“I’d be going to every decent [artist] management company on the planet trying to build them an internal digital, performance and growth team, while I wait for the next medium.”

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(Photo by Marvin Meyer on Unsplash)
  • Whether it’s actually a good idea at all to start a new music-marketing agency in today’s landscape — and where the few remaining market opportunities might be found
  • The extent to which record labels are now competing with music-marketing agencies for work, as labels move towards a more service- rather than ownership-oriented business model
  • The impact of automation on music marketers’ jobs
  • How the gig economy transforms the way music marketing is done — and why artists should care about what is potentially lost

I run Water & Music, a publication about the fine print of innovation in the music business. bit.ly/waterandmusic

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