What I Learned by Ditching College to Travel at 18
Jake Heilbrunn

I’ve studied two years in university, prior to that, three years in a technical polytechnic. Essentially, I’ve spent five years learning technical skills in chemical engineering. Unlike everyone else in my course, I’ve never once worked in a chemical plant (except for a compulsory internship during my second year in polytechnic).

I completely agree with you here.

There is so much more to learning and growth of an individual’s mind and character than sticking to the old model of education (which in the first place, interestingly enough, wasn’t even meant for education as we know it today) that has lasted for hundreds of years, unchanged.

What I’d like to point out is the common misconception of travel that many youths have in mind. Traveling mindlessly, without consciously and constantly making an effort to learn from experiences and people and through self-reflection, is useless, and a common way of procrastinating.