Paths, Possibilities, and NYC

Where intersections materialize

An apartment full of boxes in Carroll Gardens
An mural art space in Bushwick
A mother and daughter in Central Park
A little house with a white picket fence in the suburbs

Such different life paths
From each other, and from mine
Yet New York City is like glue
Where these intersections materialize

We talk about the dance between travel and memory
Each step to both recall and reshape
In Brooklyn, the sidewalks are familiar
Yet with each step I’ve forgotten and let go

Ft. Greene Flea Market, Brooklyn.

I once had a chance to live here
The MFA program I did not choose
An alternate timeline, a life in this big city
A much different now

That last line is missing a question mark
As now could be as it is
Or not at all
Living elsewhere, untaken
Walking a path I’ve merely intersected

It’s huge, this place
In both square miles and possibility
Wandering is not only physical
But an exercise of the mind

As the years pass
I’d think this place would be manageable
But it’s the paradox of choice
These blocks feel even longer

I cannot wrap my head around it
Perhaps that’s why I appreciate it so
An empire state of mind
A city that will never get old