Decoding, Emulating or Homage to a great Abstract Expressionist

Joan Mitchell Painting Close-up.

Perhaps you admire an artist or their style or technique.

A practice common in the 14th, 15th and 16th century was to copy or emulate the style of an artist. Throughout the Middle Ages, artists training was controlled and operated by guilds. Artists, Sculptors and Painters belonged to the guild of the Doctors and Apothecaries (Arte dei Medici e Speziali) as they bought their pigments to make oil paint from the apothecaries, while sculptors were members of the Masters of Stone and Wood (Maestri di Pietra e Legname). These guilds also created a community for the artist.

During the Renaissance, art apprentices studied under the guidance of a master artist

Purposeful Plans for you to Prattle and Paint as you find ways to encourage readers to read or purchase your art so you can make money on the internet.

Photo by Matt Lamers on Unsplash

Lesson’s about Making Money with your writing, art or other passions.

First Live your Passions

“Art is the most intense mode of individualism the world has known,” Irish writer Oscar Wilde once said.

If you are a writer, musician, photographer artist, dancer, or person who ponders ways of succeeding in the theater then you are an advocate of the “arts.” There are many people who practice the arts but are not often sure how to make money at it. I will share ways to earn money…

Steal from Picasso, Rubens, Parrish, Michelangelo and Cheryl Johnson

One of the best things about life is that we have the opportunity to never stop learning. There are always new skills to acquire and techniques for us to explore. I am an artist and I love to learn from other artists. cheryljohnsonartist

An artist I particularly admire is Pablo Picasso.

Blue Nude is one of Pablo Picasso’s masterpieces in his early years. It was painted in 1902 and is one of Picasso’s paintings during his blue period using predominately only one color.

Courtesy of

What did Picasso mean when he said: “good artists copy, great artists steal”? Did he really say this or did someone else say it?

Artists thrive on inspiration, and great ideas may…

The secret is to paint. Keep painting. Never stop. Stop questioning yourself and believe you have been given this gift for a reason. Share your talent with the world. Good things will happen if you keep believing they will. But keep painting.

You have to enter to be selected

I am a professional painter and artist and have shown in numerous shows and galleries, but the world is changing and now the internet allows artists to reach a greater artist.

Only 100 selected out of thousands who entered

I have been selected to show in the upcoming Saatchiart The Other Art Fair in November in Brooklyn. What an honor. I am so excited.

Earthquakes and Volcanos Hit Hawaii Big Island

Today I awakened with a call from my person that the Big Island in Hawaii is experiencing earthquakes… The news comments that a volcano could erupt. That is truly an example of the Power of Intention.

We spend a life time wondering what will happen. How do we spend our time?

Nature is sending earthquakes to get our attention to think about our power of intention.

Imagine Earthquakes happening as we speak on the Big Island of Kauai with possible volcano eruptions to happen.

(CNN)Hundreds of earthquakes in Hawaii are shaking the eastern side of the Big Island, and authorities are concerned that the Kilauea Volcano could erupt.

The US Geological Survey revised the magnitude of the most…

Cheryl Johnson Artist

I started this painting last week right after I fell and fractured my right rib. My painting side or arm as it were.

But my passion to create is more than my pain. So onward!

I will add to this until it is finished.

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Ok, I have been a practicing artist for years and you would think I would have this selling thing down pat.

NO- I am constantly learning. I keep trying different mediums i.e., acrylic, pastel, oil. I also experiment with different substrates i.e., surfaces, paper, canvas, water color paper etc.

I have sold in galleries and schlepped my artwork to shows and entered trade shows and traveled. One time I thought wow! I have actually made it and entered my work in a western art show in San Francisco. Their reply fooled me. Congratulations your work is featured. Come show…

Cheryl Johnson

Passionate Artist. Refining a passion for painting and writing. and

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