Sometimes we get our feelings hurt for no reason at all except that we jumped to the conclusion that what you heard was said was said about you rather than to you was not really so. So you heard the phrase in the back of the room. XX is wonderful. Well your ears perked up. But the next moment you heard XX is cheating or XX is fat or XX is stupid or XX is anything you do not want to hear. Automatically you think just because they said XX they were talking about you. How vain. No they were not talking about you dear XX they were talking about the 5 thousand six hundred and forty two other XX’s that happen to have a similar name. Well maybe 50 or 5000 who know’s how many XX’s there are in the world.

So suck it up XX and just hear the good things people say and block out anything else. Hey XX I love you. Ditto echo and more.

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