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Cheri Shapley
2 min readJun 9, 2020

“As a bee gathering nectar does not harm or disturb the colour & fragrance of the flower; so do the wise move through the world.: — Gautama Buddha

The power of language is all around us. This is why it is imperative that we are discerning and careful about what we let into our internal spaces. More importantly, we need to exercise diligence in the language we use to describe our self, our feelings and experiences.

One phrase that helps me immensely in challenging internal and external times is the following:

This is happening FOR me, not TO me.

A simple phrase, that has within it a spaciousness that allows me to breathe, sit and reflect on what is. More importantly, my personality isn’t in a reactive state. I am given time and energy to come up with creative solutions. One where miracles can be created and new ideas have a chance to gestate and see the light of day.

By allowing this phrase to enter my life, I throw myself a lifeline and drop the victim mentality. I am allowing myself to embrace a more expensive and universal mindset.

In allowing myself this gift of language, I am able to see opportunities and areas where I can grow my soul strength. Becoming more resilient and aware in the process.

This is my gift for you also.

Alison Haitana is a Shamaness, Intuitive Healer and Story-Weaver. Alison also loves to support heart centered, creative and spiritual entrepreneurs with Intentional Creativity sessions to unlock your visionary self.

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