It’s not exactly easy to convey the importance of my experiences to those who do not know me; nor is it reasonable of me to expect that casual readers will necessarily take an interest in the topics on which I write. Ideally, we would all hold the same priorities…but, that would be daft of anybody to assume is actually the case. I think I can rightfully say that — despite our extreme differences and diversities — humankind ultimately possesses the same basic principles and values when everything is stripped to the bone. There are those common needs which cannot be overlooked, and on which I will aim to touch.

I am aware that, for many reasons, it might be harder for strangers to access my writing in the ways I wish if I lack in description or thoroughness; yet, I try to avoid being laborious. This all to say, I will do my utmost to present a clear account in each post, all to the purpose of coaxing further thought and discussion on issues we face daily as people, but in distinctive, special, and circumstantial ways. Bear with me when my adult ADD gets the better of me, when I passionately rant, when I whine, when ellipses take over. I’m here to learn as much as I am here to share.

Lastly, this is my second attempt at a blog, only this blog is not to fail. I find my writing somewhat ineffective when I feel the need to sugarcoat for the privacy or the feelings of others. I am incapable of presenting an entirely honest account when my fear of offending those involved in my stories takes precedence over what I am striving to do with my writing. My goal is not to embarrass or to expose those my writing concerns; it is much less a matter of a lack of bravery or confrontational nature, and much more a lack of sensitivity that makes me feel the need to use a false name, so forgive me. This allows me to be critical, to be honest, to not hold back. The name will be the only false aspect to what I present, and, otherwise, my life is an open book — one which I hope will be received as it is meant to be.