DIY Room Decor with String Lights You Can Use Year-Round

  1. Winter Sparkle Mirror Garland and White Lights

This will be a sure hit in any teenage girls room. Who doesn’t want a lot of sparkle in their room?

2.Glittering Light Scape

Make this glittering work of art with a canvas and some string lights.

3.Firefly Mason Jar Lights

Make this DIY room decor in just 15 minutes with three supplies. Easy right?

4.DIY Light Table

A DIY table that’s super easy to make. All you have to do is stuff a storage box with string lights and tape some wax paper to dim the light a bit

5.DIY Ampersand Marquee Light

Create a stunning design for your room. Try this pattern, or if you want to create your own you can do that too!