October 21, 2017 Accomplishments — My Goals for The Next Twelve Months

As Robert Kennedy III noted in the introduction to Challenge Day 5, putting your goals in writing and sharing them publicly can be extremely scary… terrifying really. However, there is power is stating, writing, and formally documenting your goals. Making your goals public also provides positive pressure along with accountability and hopefully encouragement from those you are committing to.

With that in mind, here are my major goals, both personal and professional for the next 12 months. By October 21, 2017, Cheryl will:

  1. Take at least 2–3 educational, professional development, personal development, or other training classes. This may include college courses, seminars, health and fitness training, or new hobby exploration.
  2. Read at least 4 books; at least half related to personal/professional development (eg. leadership, project management, communications, presentation skills); the others could be fiction, poetry, mystery, etc. Just read more!
  3. Complete development of my base seminar content (The Softer Side of Leadership).
  4. Complete my website and publish relevant articles at least monthly.
  5. Contact PMI-Baltimore Chapter for speaking opportunities during chapter lunch/dinner meetings. Not just contact them, but within 12 months, I will have completed my first session(s).
  6. Solicit additional speaking/training opportunities.
  7. Plan and take annual personal retreat (solo travel).
  8. Take at least one trip with family or friends .
  9. Since I have to continue my 9-to-5 for a few more years, ensure my role provides personal development and job satisfaction. MI will mentor or purposely help someone with their career development goals.

My final goal is to further develop an actionable plan to reach these goals. My plan will include smaller, achievable sub-goals with reasonable target dates. (I just took an Introduction to Agile Methodology Overview this morning and am excited to put some of the practices I learned to use in my personal development and goal setting.) I plan to complete this goal by the time our 14 day challenge is complete.

This post is in reply to Day 5 of the Get It Write 14 Day Blogging Challenge

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