Hi Kim,
Eroteme Thinks

Krishna Consciousness was actually what I was referring to. Meat and eggs are not foods that can be offered to Krishna. Books written by Prabhupada go into great detail about karma, reincarnation, and meat eating. Milk is acceptable — but because of the concerns about factory farming some of the temples are offering vegan options instead. I also learn from Tibetan Buddhism, where in the Kagyu sect, the Karmapa advocates a vegetarian diet. I feel as if the six realms of samsara in Tibetan Buddhism coincides with a lot of the teachings from Krishna Consciousness and I like both of them. I don’t know if my spiritual beliefs guide me and make me a better person in other areas of my life — but I think that any good we do do (even if it’s just not contributing to the killing of animals) is important. Perfection isn’t necessary.

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