Participation in School Board Meetings Crucial to Student Success


Participating in school board meetings can contribute to student success by allowing community members to stay engaged with school leadership and ensuring that both students and parents have a voice in school policy decisions.

At a board meeting for either district, parents can learn about current issues or developments facing the schools along with the reasons behind school board policy decisions.

A typical school board meeting includes recognition of notable students and staff, approvals of requests and proposals, discussion of new or current policies, and participation from community members. Special interest meetings may also be called for urgent circumstances.

School board meetings provide the community with the opportunity to voice their grievances and requests and participate in discussions that affect their children. Students also have the chance address the board with their concerns. Last year, a student athlete at Lafayette High School addressed the board to request an air conditioning unit for the gymnasium, prompting further discussion of the issue by board members.

It is important for parents to be involved in their children’s education, and community members need to be aware of the state of education for the next generation. Attending and participating in school board meetings is one of the best ways to effect real change for Oxford’s students.

According to a report published by the Southwest Educational Development Laboratory, actively involved parents across all backgrounds and income levels were more likely to have children who achieve better grades and test scores, graduate school, and continue on to post-secondary education. They attribute this to parents who “support their children’s learning and achievement.”


The Lafayette County School Board meets in the district boardroom on the first Monday of every month at 5:30 p.m. The board includes president Dr. Judith Thompson, secretary Kimberly East, and three board members.

The Oxford School District Board of Trustees holds regular meetings monthly at the Oxford Middle School Lecture Center. Oxford’s board includes president Gray Edmondson, secretary Romana Reed, and three board members.