Airbnb First Date Concept
Mind Apivessa

I love this case study and really like the idea! The concept of Airbnb should be about living like a local and in that sense the host is a great point of contact to introduce the guest to the local culture. Most times I used Airbnb, I haven’t even met the host in real life, so it would be great to set up a “first meeting” sorta thing to get to know each other.

One problem I see is naming it first “date” because it could give either parties the wrong idea. Another problem is that some guests might not trust the host (ex. my mom would def not want to meet or eat with a stranger) or want to get to know them at all. Keeping this feature optional could work, but if most people reject the feature then maybe this feature can be designed in a different way? (ideas to explore).

But either way, good job! I really like the idea.