Some Freewriting

They call it smart water. It has elctrolytes. Mike Judge’s Idiocracy has come full circle from stupid comedy to reality. Our advertising has become an unavoidable toilet bowl, and the Internet has now become a Big Data Company’s wet dream of an infinite amount of text, only instead, it’s meant for computers instead of people. Maybe that’s how we’ll create AI. We’ll make our search engines so good at reading text meant for them, and our people so good at writing text meant for search engines, that we will write perfect software for writing SEO friendly prose. And then the search engines will absorb it and Skynet is born.

Because of the news reports, people seem to think things are getting worse. As Ray Kurzweil says, “The World is getting better, but so is our information.” In other words, it used to be that people got murdered all the time. Low harvest? Kill your neighbor. God calls on you? Kill your son. God really calls on you? Wipe out a nation. No God? Try and wipe out a race of people because of their religion.

Things like this aren’t happening anymore. Instead, we are just superconnected to the information highway like junkies trying to reconnect to the needle that is the Information Superhighway. We see murders on the regular because they are instantly Tweeted, Snapchated, Facebooked, and Vined. People now have the tools to show what is happening right in front of them with minimal barriers to entry. We can see the world through everyone’s eyes. Except for a few places like North Korea and parts of the middle east and parts of russia and the drug centers of mexico and civil wars and tribal conflicts in africa and the gangs and human trafficking in southeast asia and the political and economic system that is “democracy” and “capitalism” in the United States.

Capitalism is a great idea for a budding nation. Pure capitalism, even. Everybody fights for theirs, and people lie, steal, and cheat their way to the top. It rapidly progresses a primitive hunting and gathering that created the Industrial Revolution. It doesn’t work anymore. Knowledge is currency. Getting a sheet of paper from a college saying you know something means much less than the guy next to you’s Github repo. He commits at least 4 times a day. Fuck this guy. Capitalism no longer applies when you can’t just buy your way to the top as part of the “middle class.” Your brain is worth more than your hands can produce.

Now don’t get me wrong, communism and socialism don’t work either. Some people are going to work harder. Some people are going to be smarter, faster, stronger, more beautiful, whatever gets them ahead in life. Why should they get less because they won either the Nature or Nurture lottery, or maybe both. There needs to be a combination of both systems.

We already live in a socialist-capitalist hybrid state. The government handles some services and private corporations handle the rest. In fact, the last extremely successful governmental bailout was FDR’s New Deal, an almost purely socialist solution. The government needs to handle everything we share to stay alive and improve as a society. Roads. Radio signals. Water. Power. Internet. Healthcare (Not pharmaceutical companies, but most everything else). Food/Drink/Drug Oversight. Police, Fire, Ambulance. Addictive drug laws and recovery and response programs (fits into healthcare). Wherever helping people is the main goal. The rest should be a competition.

Build better cars, spacecraft, drugs, robots, phones, food, clothes, shoes, aircraft, furniture, houses, power plants, video games, movies, music, art, advertising, alcohol, laser tag, bowling, booze cruises, whatever it is you think will want to spent time and money on that you can do better than someone else. Competition is necessary for our existence because we are human. But not where competition leads to a healthier “healthcare” market or whatever. Competition should never have an invisible hand over something that will save another human from danger, whether it range from feeling unsafe to certain death.