I think you’re confused between the concepts of relevant, and “still breathing”.
Ryder Spearmann

I actually neglected to take in the air of righteousness and condescension the first few comments, and clearly see talking to you, your intent isn’t to have discourse but to actually shoot people down. You’re splitting hairs with what amounts to ideologies and fears people have around the support Trump has generated. As same with Hillary. When the people say kkk it’s a symbol for one of many hate groups on one many deem as one side of the political spectrum, the way blm is considered one as well. It’s a group people want to point to when referring to one side of the spectrum. This isn’t a petri dish where you talk about organisms in isolation, it’s about the web of networks. I’m neither adamantly against or for, I’m merely pointing out that the groups are relevant to the conversation because they symbolize ideals of people who have seen trump as a person who understands their concerns. The kkk is an extreme version of that. It is relevant for what they represent. It isn’t just what you think is logically cogent. Since you’re so caught up with calling people names instead of trying to hear my point, there isn’t much that can be respectfully exchanged. Trump is someone that has no commitment to the ideology that is associated with racism etc. it just merely serves its purpose to have people identify him as a safe harbor to understanding their needs in a government who they feel has not been affirming their needs and concerns as citizens of this country. A part of which are people who see the dilution in the potential with America because of trends towards open borders and less scrutiny of who gets to participate as citizens and business partners in protecting the common interest of the people. He has captured the attention of many, and has been rewarded with their support to making those effective changes to make America great again. Stop putting people down when they were never trying to have an argument with you in the first place. Not here to refute you or split hairs, I was adding an opinion whose weight is just as meaningful and meaningless as yours. Depending on the audience as the article so clearly points out….

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