Sarah, I’ve been challenging people for over a decade on this… and school them regularly.
Ryder Spearmann

Trump is none of those things as he is Cluster B and has no commitment to such ideology. Part of his campaign used such rhetoric to store the deep emotional insecurities that some supporters had that brought them to the poles, as did Hillary with her set of psychological stirrings. But the kkk being trotted out is a classic phrase used by groups who refute reality. The kkk are relevant, very much still active, and like the internet, walk amongst us seamlessly… not out in the open with a white hood. Many secret or discreet orders in society exist. That’s the point. They exist because they have relevance to what people believe in this country. It would be easy to say this is what Trump represents but reality is he represents above others what is acceptable and accepting. More Americans found a place in his arms than his opponent. Many who held strong beliefs about what America looked like. So it’s no surprise. He carries people who holds such beliefs, though he himself does not necessarily maintain them. He maintains whatever serves his self interest. Including going with the flow of those willing to do the heavy lifting for him and the beliefs they maintain. So should he lean on Pence and his transitional team the beliefs they carry will be the ones seen with the occasional outburst of his own if he is compelled enough to follow through with it.

It makes for an interesting time where we look at his cabinet and if his behavior is truly antiestablishment to see what his presidency will look like.