The Error We Live In: 2016 American politics amidst global awakenings is in desperate need of “climate change.”

Why does it appear that London is going through a period of great enlightenment with the appointment of mayor Sadiq Khan, and the US is on a high speed bullet train blazing straight back to the dark ages with the current tally of misfits and destructive political caricatures in the lineup of GOP, the king diabolical clown leading hate and fascist spewing commentary being Trump, and a career politician who has super delegates in her pocket, shining a light on the breakdown of our electoral process… Knowing that en mass… There’s an outcry for Bernie Sanders, that at this point feels like a desperate cry for help but it’s like we’ve had our vocal cords cut. Just meant to watch this all take place, screaming in silence…. As apparently there is such a thing on the other end of the spectrum known as trump supporters building in a resurgence of violent rhetoric- what I believe to be a seething growing festering rage that has been accumulating while Barrack Obama is in office…

We are wedged right smack dab in what could be a revolution — an era of political unrest that we have not seen for some time… The climate is changing and you can feel the vibrations as slightly left grow with unease and chagrin- knowing there will be an uprising in the feeling that the individual vote is utterly meaningless and this is the first time on a world stage where it is highlighted with such flare- the complete ineptitude and impotentcy and futility we feel as a nation, and slight right, want to stand behind something that will have their voices heard since 8 years of feeling unrepresented has created quite a rumbling… Even if it’s through the asinine mouthpiece as Trump.

These slight right and slight left of center ….

We need to stop. We can work together. I’ve seen Trump supporters speak in depth at interviews. Just like Bernie supporters. They don’t know all the issues, but they know what matters to them. And the reality is… They want the same thing.

The majority of this nations people want the same thing. Change that affirms, strengthens, and supports, them, their families and communities. We can all stand by that.

We are being divided by extremist thoughts from both ends of the spectrum. I first thought all Trump supporters were idiots and that’s simply not true. It’s the media coverage and extremists getting the sound bytes and viral views. Most of the others … They are tired. Just like everyone else.

We are dividing each other in provocation, in the pseudo journalism, the sensationalism, and lack of forethought. The media is ran with many factors in play — some of which I strongly believe that has to do with the lack of experience the younger generation has about the effects of prideful manipulation of social media to increase stats and analytics… And an older generation serving as puppet master to a cause which serves the elite while we the people tear at each other en mass. Mass hysteria. Like animals with base instincts and impulse, all fighting for a piece of rotting meat we’ve been thrown and having sold it as the only sustenance we got.

It ain’t true. They have the rest of the food… And it’s time we lay claim and feed all our people.

Love is my answer. I will not hate. I will not provoke- I see what is behind the frustration anger and aggression.

A few is downright disturbing. Some is plain ignorance and stupidity. Some is collective brainwashing, rather than us being individually and collective being “awake”.

We need to stop.

We are smarter better and more loving than this. I put down my stick that is used to point and chide and break it. Damn it all, we are better than this. We are better than extremism, if we are to remain strong in our foundation as a true republic, a democracy, and to make the most of the fact that we are a first world nation with infinite resources to participate in the global landscape in life affirming ways…

We need to stop this madness. Begin with ourselves, and see each other.

See how the dice roll, or how the cookie crumbles, or where the chips may fall… I’ll tell you where…

We are one. We must be one. There is no choice- if we are to survive in this era of tremendous change and upheaval in the world.

America, this is an outcry: Let us begin.