Cherubic Ventures February Newsletter / 心元資本二月動態

As we mentioned in the last newsletter, Cherubic Ventures would like to share the latest activity across social media and connect the dots, so here we present to you our February newsletter. Enjoy it and help us spread the word!


New Investments:

  • Uncorporeal Systems (USA): The VR company aims to solve the cardinal problem of virtual filmmaking. With the cameras that they’ve created, they are capable of capturing the entire lightfield of the shooting set which means owning every single pixel of subjects.
  • Instavest (USA): Instavest has built a community for investors where you may see other investors’ activity and strategy and find out the best time for exit or making an investment.


  • Uncorporeal Systems: 位於美國加州洛杉磯的 Uncorporeal Systems 是一間虛擬實境技術公司,旨在解決 VR 電影製作時遭遇的視角阻礙問題。團隊打造的攝影機能夠捕捉拍攝現場的所有光場,因此能夠掌握被攝物體的每一個像素。
  • Instavest: 美國新創公司 Instavest 是一個創投社群,在這裡,你可以看見其他投資人的動態與投資策略,並發現最佳的買賣時機。

Portfolio Updates / 團隊公司最新發展

JANDI announced a new round of of US$2.5 million fundraisings from Qualcomm and HnAP, and it is launching JANDI Connect, which integrates Google Calendar, Trello, GitHub, JIRA and E-mail/news feed through webhook, etc.. JANDI also has been named one of the most eye-catching startups in Asia by Tech In Asia.

JANDI 獲得高通投資 250 萬美元,並由 Tech In Asia 選為亞洲最吸睛的新創公司之一

打造企業溝通協作平台的 JANDI,在韓國、日本與台灣取得每個月成長 40% 的好成績,並即將推出 JANDI Connect,整合了 Google日曆、Trello、GitHub、JIRA 等各種常用服務,也可透過 webhook ( open API )進一步和電子郵件或新聞閱讀等功能串接。

91APP is helping brand merchants build responsive websites and mobile apps, and the number of their customers has come to 3,000.

當許多產業都轉移到行動端時,台灣仍有 90% 的零售業者尚未切入行動商務市場。91APP‬ 協助品牌業者打造電商網站,目前已擁有超過 3,000 位客戶

Tezign’s co-founder Daisy studied architecture in University, and then she stepped into Internet industry. The cross-field experience has fostered her expertise in resource integration. In this interview, she shared the story of making unexpected turns as an female entrepreneur.

“You’ll never find your true passion without making some unexpected turns in life.”

We’d also like to use this opportunity to introduce you some of the female founders from our portfolio company:



  • 陳韻如 (Alice Chen), iFit愛瘦身 — The largest fitness community in Taiwan.
  • 陳丹丹 (Dan Dan), TaoShiJie — A marketplace for Chinese customers to buy top designer brands from overseas.
  • 林怡君 (Maibelle Lin), Pinkoi — The largest online community and marketplace for designers in Asia.
  • She-Rae Chen, Fantalk — A mobile engagement platform for sport fans to root for the teams they love.
  • 馬靜 (Jing Ma), Teenker — A marketplace for freelancers and people looking for professional services.
  • 許茹嘉 (Candy), — the biggest live streaming platform and video management solution in Taiwan.
  • ML, Jiang, Andrinuo — A maternity apparel brand in China.
  • Nora Levinson, CAEDEN — Connected accessories for your mind and body.
  • Urška Sršen, Bellabeat — A beautifully designed health tracker that helps women monitor their activity, sleep quality, stress levels, and menstrual cycle.

And here’s a profound interview with Tezign’s another co-founder Lin Fang, exploring the possible connection between technology and design industry.

特贊藉由演算法分析設計師的風格,再將適合的案件分派給設計師,大大降低設計師四處求案碰壁的機率。另一位聯合創始人范凌在創業之前是設計學院的講師,在採訪中暢聊了學術之外如何實現設計產業的商業創新 is partnering up with allPay, a third-party payment operator in Taiwan, to provide a practical way to support broadcasters. It also announced ESR Angel Foundation, along with ESR live and other ‪eSports‬ companies, the foundation aims to help young gamers to pursue their dreams and see esports as a viable career option. 與第三方支付平台 — — 歐付寶合作,讓觀眾給予實況主更實質的支持,並且宣佈與 ESR live 電競館和其他支持電競之廠商,一同成立「電競天使基金」(EAF),以三點為創立宗旨:

ONEHOPE Wine is featured by Nasdaq. Seeing huge intractable challenge that non-profits are facing, the CFO Logan Allin expressed his belief: 「If you can generate profits and share a portion with vetted global charities, then you can create a much higher probability of solving the world’s biggest problems.」.

ONEHOPE Wine 成立時,所有的創辦人都不到 25 歲,除了提供消費者高品質的葡萄酒、咖啡與禮品,也和公益組織合作回饋社會,捐款金額已經來到一千八百萬美元。財務長 Logan Allin 認為,非營利組織仰賴捐款來改變社會極其困難,「如果你可以將部份利潤回饋給社會,那麼便有極大的可能性解決世界上的重要問題。」

The #1 Top Grossing App Everalbum has acquired the Waterloo-based fashion photo community Pout. And the top grossing App is now available on the Android platform. Go get it!

長期佔據 iOS App Store 暢銷榜第一名的相簿管理服務 Everalbum,宣佈收購時尚相簿社群 Pout,並於二月中推出了 Android 版本

Flexport’s CEO, Ryan Petersen, shared his insights into Amazon‬’s global delivery ambition with Bloomberg Business.

Flexport 的執行長和彭博記者們分享了他對於亞馬遜物流野心的深刻觀察

The high speed transportation ‪Hyperloop‬’s magic is beyond words, and luckily now we have a video to take a peek at the prototype being done by our portfolio company Hyperloop Technologies.

“Hyperloop” 這個名詞最近不斷佔據媒體版面,除了文字以外,終於有影片展示了 Hyperloop 的原型機構和模擬影像,快來一窺 Hyperloop Technologies 位於南加州的實驗室。

MobiusBobs’s co-founder shared an incredible story about how they turned things around in a crisis, and why their latest product, Waffles is the long-awaited video platform for millennials.

MobiusBobs 剛創業就被告?看團隊如何將危機變轉機,並且推出最適合千禧世代的影片平台 — — Waffles。

Luxe’s valet parking is mentioned on a thorough research as having the most clear monetization model and tends to provide value-added services, such as the charging service that Luxe offers to Tesla owners.

中信建投證券發佈研究報告,剖析了‪停車‬服務的各種面向與市場玩家。其中,Luxe 被舉例為營利模式最清晰的‪代客泊車‬服務,「目標客戶是高時間價值車主,價格敏感度低。同時,汽車後市場也是盈利重點,替車主在停車空閒期間洗車、保養是順勢之需。」為了提供延伸服務,Luxe 日前也與 Telsa 合作,替電動車車主充飽電力

Besides sharing transportation and houses, use Teenker to share your time and experience.


「Daring greatly means to not follow the status quo. “ — Kevin Chan, founder of Maderight.

Maderight is featured in Cadillac’s Daring Origins commercial, and founder Kevin Chan talked about the daring story of changing the manufacturing scene.


Maderight 現身凱迪拉克的宣傳影片中,創辦人 Kevin Chan 分享勇敢追夢、改變工廠環境的理念。

There you go, this is what we looked like in February. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you would like to cooperate with any one of our portfolio companies!