Cherubic Ventures New Investments / 心元資本近期投資項目

It’s been a while since the last time we updated new investments, so we decided to share more details of our strategy with you. Check out our latest portfolio companies, and let us hear your thoughts!


New Investments:

  • Inlight Interactive (China): Inlight Interactive is developing open source OS for mixed reality devices.

Investment memos: It is undeniable that AR and VR are two of the most significant innovations and will considerably affect future industries. Also, Pokemon GO’s outburst popularity has reduced AR & VR’s education cost and matured the market. Lastly, Inlight Interacitve’ s founders were key technical members of Microsoft HoloLens.

  • Rheo (US): Rheo is the world’s first personalized video channel on Apple TV. It gradually adapts itself to the viewer’s own interests. Over time, the more you watch, Rheo gets better at identifying those you’d like.

Investment memos: We face the world with information explosion, and it has become a critical issue to discover good contents. A lot of powerful platforms, such as Netflix and Spotify use data and algorithm to discover contents and provide personal recommendations. Rheo is on the same mission to help audiences find out the best contents. In addition to the trend, Rheo’s team is formed by ex-key developers of Apple App Store.

  • Bitmark (Taiwan): Bitmark is a distributed ownership registry that enables individuals to claim ownership of personal data and digital assets.

Investment memos: Blockchain is about to change the world’s technology fundamentally, but most of the discussion is within financial scope. However, with the emergence of knowledge/content-based economy, Bitmark believes blockchain’s unique timestamp and traceable characteristics can be used to protect digital assets. Also, the largest live gaming platform in the US — Twitch’s COO, Kevin Lin is one of Bitmatk’s angel investors, which may explain the attention for digital assets from content platforms.

  • Rested (US): Rested is a mobile app and health care service designed to help people understand their sleep, assess risk for sleep disorders, and get easy access to treatment.

Investment memos: Rested aim at preventing sleep apnea. In the past, people go to the hospital after apnea occurred but have lost the best time for diagnosis and effective treatments. Rested record and analyze breathing patterns during our sleep, and determine whether we are potential apnea patients. Many hospitals have recognized their technology.

  • (US): enables businesses to leverage their guest WiFi to learn about visitors and build relationships with customers.

Investment memos: help business owners who already have WiFi, leverage the entity’s data as marketing tools. The intelligence of the physical world has not yet been commercialized compared to the digital world.

  • Bingabinga (China): Bingabinga Is an online marketplace where people can find high-quality, unique home decor products from independent producers.

Investment memos: Bingabinga is a cross-border e-commerce providing unique and high-end brands for Chinese consumers. We all realize China’s consumption growth is incredible, but the quality has also become a substantial upgrade.

  • Rock VR (China): Rock VR is the Twitch for VR games. The company builds community tools to help people share their VR experiences.

Investment memos: The development of VR is still in the early stage, but VR contents’ discovery have grabbed the market’s attention. Rock VR, born from Oculus team, aim at solving such pain point through a live streaming tool and platform. It will help not only players but also audiences experience VR games seamlessly.


  • Inlight Interactive(中國):Inlight Interactive 是一間 AR+VR 公司,專注於創造全息數位世界的作業系統。

投資理由:AR 與 VR 是最重要的科技創新之一,將巨大影響各個產業的未來發展。除此之外,Pokemon GO 的爆紅大幅降低了 AR/VR 的教育成本,市場提前成熟。除此之外,Inlight Interactive 的團隊曾在 Microsoft AR 眼鏡——Hololens 擔任關鍵的開發人才,擁有豐富的經驗與硬底子的技術能力。

  • Rheo(美國):Rheo 是世界上第一個在 Apple TV 上的個性化視頻頻道。隨著時間推移,使用者看得越多,Rheo 就能越準確地識別觀眾的喜好。

投資理由:我們面臨一個資訊爆炸的世界,如何找出好的內容是一個很重要的命題。我們看見 Netflix 和 Spotify 這些利用數據發現內容的成功平台,個人化的推薦勢必是趨勢。此外,Rheo 的團隊曾經是 Apple App Store 的關鍵技術開發者。

  • Bitmark(台灣):Bitmark 讓使用者註冊個人數據和數位財產的擁有權,藉由加密和獨特 ID 的 Bitmark 交換數位財產。

投資理由:區塊鏈是一個即將根本性改變世界的技術,但我們大多仍在談論金融科技上的創新。Bitmark 則認為區塊鏈可以用來保護數位資產。隨著知識型經濟爆發,除了催生許多網紅之外,各種內容也多如繁星,但如何保護這些數位內容的產權仍是一大問題。另外,美國最大遊戲直播平台——Twitch 的營運長 Kevin Lin 也是投資者之一,可以從此窺見內容平台對於數位產權的重視。

  • Rested(美國):Rested 是一款健康照護的 app,幫助使用者瞭解自身的睡眠狀況,更輕易地獲得適合的治療。

投資理由:Rested 的技術主要為了解決睡眠呼吸暫停的情況。過去患有此症狀的群眾,到醫院就診時早已超過發病多時,無法有效治療和了解當下的情況,但 Rested 可以錄下我們睡覺時的呼吸模式,然後分析是否為潛在患者。該技術目前已經獲得多間醫院的認可。

  •美國) 讓企業在自己架設的公用 WiFi 上建置行銷頁面,瞭解來店消費的顧客喜好並維繫長久的客戶關係。

投資理由:相較於數位世界,實體世界的智慧分析還未被商業化, 希望幫助已經有網路方案的商家,借力使力地將實體的數據更有效地運用。

  • Bingabinga(中國):Bingabinga 提供跨境購物服務,讓消費者挑選高品質且獨特的家居品牌。

投資理由:中國的消費力驚人之外,品質也正在大幅度地升級。Bingabinga 的跨境電商服務,針對高端的中國消費者提供獨特的品牌。

  • Rock VR(中國):Rock VR 打造社群工具,讓玩家直播分享自己的 VR 遊戲體驗。

投資理由:VR 的發展雖然仍處於前期,但 Rock VR 團隊出身於 Oculus 公司,認為「如何發現內容」是重要的痛點,透過其開發的直播工具與平台,除了玩家之外,還可以讓觀眾直接體驗 VR 遊戲,大大提高 VR 內容的參與度

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Funding Announcement:

  • US: Flexport raised a $65 million Series B from Founders Fund, Bloomberg Beta, Felicis Ventures, First Round Capital and Susa Ventures. Read more.

Founder Interview:

  • US: PowerCore』s founder analyzes the impact that Pokémon GO brings to the market, and talks about the changes happening in the toys industry. Read more.
  • Taiwan: HowLiving,, iFit and Matt are featured in an e-commerce report of Business Next Magazine. Read more.
  • Taiwan: shares the key factors leading to a successful live video show. And the potential of its business model. Read more.
  • Taiwan: iFit has opened 7 physical stores in 2 months to expand its reach from online to offline and further solidify its brand image of “the largest fitness community”. Read more.
  • China: Microdreams’s founder shares insights on social media advertising. Read more.
  • China: Bloomberg covered Liulishuo, the most popular English learning app in China. The company was founded by ex-Googlers, and now more than 30 million Chinese are learning English with their product. Read more.

New Product Launch & Partnership:

  • US: Photomath released an update to support written text recognition! From now on, users can write out problems and have Photomath solve them by simply pointing their camera at the paper. Read more.
  • US: A comprehensive analysis of Ring’s Stick Up Cam from TechCrunch. Read more.
  • China: Furniture e-commerce, Haozai set up a “house” inside Beijing’s metro station and showcased some cool design ideas during Beijing’s Design Week. Read more.


  • 美國:Flexport 獲得 6500 萬美元的 B 輪融資,投資者包括 Founders Fund, Bloomberg Beta, Felicis Ventures, First Round Capital 與 Susa Ventures。讀更多。


  • 美國:PowerCore 創辦人分析了 Pokémon GO 的影響力,並且描繪了他想像中全世界透過遊戲連結彼此的有趣觀點。讀更多。
  • 台灣:美味生活LIVEhouse.iniFit愛瘦身和 Matt,接受數位時代採訪,分享電商的最新趨勢和觀察。讀更多。
  • 台灣 分享直播的成功要素,以及結合其他商業模式的潛力!讀更多。
  • 台灣:iFit 愛瘦身在 2 個月內拓展了 7 間實體門市。創辦人謝銘元認為:「社群不應是『網路時代的代名詞』,真正的社群,應該是虛實整合,才能帶改大眾最即時、具有溫度,且豐富的社群體驗!」讀更多。
  • 中國:剛剛在中國登陸新三板的微夢傳媒,其 CEO 接受專訪,暢談了微博、微信以及新聞客戶端各佔山頭的新媒體格局,正走向「兩微多端」的廣告趨勢。讀更多。
  • 中國:36Kr 報導英語流利說 — — 其實「社交」的概念已經不稀奇,但英語流利說由前 Google 工程師們組成,首先在技術層面紮根,研發了最精準的語音辨識系統,接著再優化社交功能,迎頭趕上其他英語學習產品。讀更多。


  • 美國:Photomath 發表了最新版本,從只支援印刷文字優化成支援手寫文字了!以後就算是手寫的數學題,也只需要用手機的相機掃瞄即可知道解題步驟。讀更多。
  • 美國:Ring 除了設計智慧門鈴,更將研發觸角伸及了居家安控設備。TechCrunch 這一篇文章仔細分析了 Stick Up Cam 監控攝影機,從文章中可以發現,產品成功最重要的關鍵之一是:簡易安裝。讀更多。
  • 中國:家居場景購物平台好在在北京地鐵 14 號線望京南站站廳打造了「一個不可思議的房子」。讀更多。