Case Study: ANZ Service Design

Research + Design (2016)

Cheryl Paulsen
Dec 12, 2018 · Unlisted
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A few years ago I was consulting at ANZ Bank, one of Australia’s “big 4” financial institutions. Like many other banks at the time, ANZ was undergoing a digital transformation of their in-branch services. They were redesigning the entire in-branch experience, including the physical space. They had rolled out a small number of pilot branches with the new design, but had not yet validated the concept was meeting their objectives. They were also experimenting with a new digital device for the in-branch staff, but again had not validated in the real world.

Process + Research

To ensure alignment with the broader program, I facilitated a series of stakeholder interviews bringing along one or two members of the delivery team to observe. I also co-facilitated a UX kickoff workshop with program stakeholders, to align on the problem, objectives, and key user scenarios. It quickly became clear to me that what was missing at this point was a deep understanding of the branch context and it’s staff. Life in the ANZ head office would no doubt be quite different to the in-branch world.

To gain this understanding, I facilitated and analysed a series of contextual interviews with branch staff. I spent several afternoons observing life in the new branches, and created heat maps illustrating flow patterns and noting customer interactions.

Synthesising research insights

To ensure transparency throughout the design process, I created a UX wall within the program space and held informal weekly showcases for stakeholders. I set up a working service design blueprint mapping the in-branch customer experience. I created low-fi screen designs and tested them leanly in branch.

UX Wall

Outcomes + Value Delivered

Validated screen designs ready for delivery. A detailed service design blueprint, user flows, and deep insights into the branch context.

Lessons Learned

Never underestimate the complexities the physical space can create. Enactments are a great way to get an understanding of a physical space and ensure your solution holds up in context.

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