SEEK | Supporting a pricing model transformation

Timeline: May 2017 — September 2018 (1 year 4 months)

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The challenge

To support this Premium ad pricing transition, our product team would need to make a number of updates both on and off the Seek platform including:

  • The products landing page, subscription page and price lookup tool
  • The employer flow for creating a job ad, including the product choice architecture and checkout pages

We would also need to design a new email based report to communicate return on investment (ROI) for Premium ads.

Additional complications

  • Legacy technology made the UI difficult and time consuming to work with (quick experiments and A/B test were not an option)
  • Due to the strategic importance to the business, this initiative required managing many senior stakeholders

Business objectives


Understanding the problem space

I then proceeded to interview a small sample of employers to understand how they were currently using Premium ads and any budget considerations and needs. I complimented these interviews with a survey to a broader sample to get some numbers behind our insights. I again socialised insights with the cross-functional team and broader stakeholder group. We then moved on to solution design exploration.

Solution designs

Products landing page

For more complex pieces of work, such as re-designing our product choice architecture and designing a new ROI report, my approach was deeper and more robust. I organised sketch-up workshops with our team and relevant stakeholders to gather a wide range of solution approach ideas. I continued to evolve concepts, bringing the team together as necessary for input and feedback. I organised a regular cadence of usability testing, socialising learnings with the team while continuing to iterate on designs until we felt confident to proceed to a pilot.

Product choice architecture
ROI email report

To maintain transparency across the program of work, I created a UX wall within our product team space and held informal weekly showcases. I provided design updates to the broader stakeholder group in our fortnightly steer co check-ins. I also socialised all concepts in our design team weekly pin-ups to get feedback from other designers.

Piloting in market

Outcomes delivered

Lessons learned

Product Designer with a passion for human behaviour.


Product Designer with a passion for human behaviour.