Why skin-deep is so profound in life

Cheryl and Roland Magyar
Mar 22 · 3 min read

Deliberate exposure to sensory experiences of the elements helps in raising consciousness, at the same time overcoming fear of change.

To thrive in life as adults (all too often overlooked) it is often enough to take cues from our youngest.

One of the most iconic visual memories of my daughter as a little child, is fortunately immortalized in a set of a few instant snapshots, where she walks outside and stands fiercely, facing the cold winds of a late-winter day, snow patches around her bare feet, extremely focused on the sensory pleasures of the moments that caressed her tiny body in passing. She was thrilled.

Since then, commonly initiated by her, we have run countless times hand-in-hand, side-by-side against winds of various forces, for the deep awakening sensation we knew would follow and that invariably did. Every time we were shrieking with joy.

Reanimated by the animate air.

On a mid-March morning, my eight-year old dragged me on the porch to show me what it felt like to stand in a state of nature in the driving snow fall. Heated by the internal concept of spring on the horizon, yet chilled by the burning touch of frozen water crystals, I stood witness to the further animation of her joyous self by the animate water.

I watched, listened and learned.

I understood that it takes a happiness-derived determination to willingly step out of our previous, and into a present, comfort zone. This means embracing change, quantum-leaping into the new.

I want to relate this to the Earth’s changing climate and our adaptation to it.

Befriending the idea of an inescapable change merely on an intellectual level is unsatisfactory. We ought to be able to successfully morph our sensuous selves so that we can keep genuinely loving the changed circumstances, no matter what they throw at us. And do this with dignity.

In a changing temperate zone climate, for instance, it is easy to adapt to and adopt the idea that winters are milder and springs start earlier. However, it is crucial for our physical, psychological and spiritual well-being that we learn to love in a profound way the entire mix of weather patterns changing between extremities. These include gales, floods and droughts alike. It entails getting exposed to new germs and possibly being dislocated as natural disaster or climate refugees ourselves.

Our animate globe has remained and will stay a dynamically changing constant, and the profoundness that “skin-deep” experiences remind us to, is that we are the Earth in small and the Earth is us in large.

To live a healthy, happy, fulfilling and productive life to the benefit of all, in the broadest sense of the word, one needs to transcend hurdles that dwelling on discomforts or frustrations represent.

Voluntarily exposing ourselves to on-the-skin experiences makes for a great vehicle in overcoming fear of change and, by extension, in raising consciousness.

One way to rid ourselves of tethering inhibitions culturally-epigenetically ingrained in our behavior and to unleash the resulting sense of freedom, is to take after our still unindoctrinated youngest of the youth. Then, as more enlightened adults, it is our duty to help prevent those same inhibitions, the outmoded part of socio-cultural programming that takes hold over our growing children.

With this mutual support, gradually, generation after generation, a new kind of human society may form, one that is not only at peace, but at pace with Nature, with the Earth, with the Universe.

Next time it starts hailing and your child runs out into it, follow suit!

Cheryl and Roland Magyar

Written by

Sustainable life designers - living without running water, cooking with wood and homesteading like the future depends on it.

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