I picked up a book from Amazon’s Kindle e-book on Sunday. It was a self-motivating book which was recommended by a friend. Not fully understanding why do I need a book to motivate myself to wake up earlier in the morning (as one of my ‘to hopefully achieve’ checklist for 2016 is to be a morning person), I clicked to purchase it for $1.99. Didn’t felt like a bomb to my purse, so I thought it was a great buy.

The book was 350 pages long and was about an inch thick. I used to read lots of fictions, so this ain’t a problem. I found that there were multiple exercises that I would need to go through to discover more about myself. Alright, I will do it so that the self-discovery plan will work out. Chapter 1 and 2 was merely life experiences that I had went through that I should reflect on. The good and bad of it. I skipped Chapter 3 as the title wasn’t appealing to me. I figured that shouldn’t have any impact to my overall self-discovery.

Then I came across Chapter 4. It requires me to speak to 10 people and get to know what do they think of me. Wow, great and funny. There was even a template for me to mail them out to my closest buddies, friends and family. I ended up sending that e-mail/messages to my co-workers instead of friends and family. I figured I spent most of my professional life with my co-workers, surely they would know my professional side more than my friends and family (of course their answers would be bias towards me too!). So ex-co-workers, existing co-workers, clients, people that I could think of at 11pm on a Tuesday night. Yes, I took a while to get through to Chapter 4 because there was exercises to be executed, alright.

It was a great idea and I have not done it before. While waiting for their responses, I was imagining their responses and my ‘self-ego’ wish that they would think of me. Positive ones of course. True enough, they were too honest; almost damn honest to me, much to my surprise and disappointment. What do I do next? I thank them for their honesty and you’re wondering what happened next?

<I’m thinking….>

<I’m still thinking….>

<More replies came in….>

<I thought about the entire situation….>

<Time to take action…>


Thanks for the motivation and keep the $1.99 Amazon…duh…

p.s. Hope you had a good laugh. The story did not end as narrated above, it was just an ending on my mind. No, I won’t be discouraged by a book, I will finish it and do a real self-discovery check. If you’re interested to know what was the title of the book, let me know.